power rangers 2011 cast revealed / today

The main Ranger cast for the still-untitled eighteenth season of Power Rangers (airing in spring 2011) has at last been revealed. Alex Heartman will play Reese, the Red Ranger; Hector David Jr. will portray Parry, the Green Ranger; Najee De-Tiege is Baron, the Blue Ranger; Erika Fong will be Sadie, the Pink Ranger; Brittany Pirtle is Ava, the Yellow Ranger; and Steven Skyler will portray Wesley, the Gold Ranger. But still up in the air are the roles of Princess Megan, Juzo and the new Bulk & Skull-like team of Big Jack & Skinny Mack. Click here for the Rangerboard thread with images of all these actors (thanks to Soulspice for putting these pictures together, btw). Looking forward to this season.. Also don’t miss the Nicktoons debut of the 700 previous episodes of the series this October. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while to finish the previous entry, then I watched four more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 1 (disc 5.. haha @ how confusing these releases could be.. the disc menu still said “disc 3”.. and Vol 2 numbers the discs 7-12 :p ..good episodes though). After that, I got online for a bit again, then checked out PlayStation Home. But soon, I fell asleep.. for a few hours.. I awoke.. and didn’t really feel like playing a game. And so eventually, I shut off the PS3 early and got back online.

I news-gathered, then ordered yet another pizza for supper. No, no tip for you. Gimme my change back. *cheapass* Especially with the whole “delivery fee” thing.. In primetime, I watched Futurama (lol, space cats!) and True Blood (wow, very good episode).. then I got back online again. There was really nothing much on. Though I did eventually watch The Whitest Kids U Know (lol) and The Soup (lol). But that was pretty much it..

I really should have called my dad today. On Wednesday, he said something about possibly coming home today. But that apparently didn’t happen. I’m starting to wonder if they’ll ever let him out and quit fucking with our lives like this. *sigh* ..See ya..


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