ultimate spider-man crew / star wars in home / today

Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini is among the crew working on the upcoming Disney XD animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as the original comic writer Brian Bendis. Coooool.. But on the other hand, Ben 10 creators Man of Action are also involved. Hmm. :/

This Thursday’s update to PlayStation Home will feature the debut of the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina public space. Awesome! And there will also be new virtual costumes for purchase, including Chewbacca, C3-PO & Princess Leia. I’ll make sure to check that out right away tomorrow morning. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. And soon got the PS3 online for a full day of gaming. First, I checked out ModNation Racers (1.02 patch that’s supposed to fix everything.. but fails.. I like how the individual XP races now put you right into another race right after one is over, as well as the options on where to go as soon as you load the game now.. but out of the three times I entered an XP race from the game lobby, the game froze on me twice.. ugh, you’d think after weeks of testing they would have made it perfect.. and I tried career mode on the new casual setting.. yay, instead of being last every time.. I’m now stuck in the 7-9th area.. great :/ ).

And then I got into LittleBigPlanet for a little while (bought the Venom outfit I was waiting for.. and was somewhat unimpressed.. I did pay $2 for it after all :/ ..then I published and unpublished my first level in order to get three trophies in a row, wow.. “publish a level”, “publish level with paintball gun”, “publish level with water”.. the level sucks though, it was just to get those trophies :p).. and then finally returned to Red Dead Redemption (a lot of side stuff, and a couple missions.. and I got two more trophies out of it too, yay).

I finally shut it off by 5PM. After a short bout of.. falling asleep.. I watched five more episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 1 (disc 3.. loving these new half-season sets, even with the jump in the price on them between Season 2 & 3.. the previous boxed sets are pretty much just packaged two at a time into these sets.. and are still cheaper than if I had picked the previous sets up instead, so it’s alright.. I especially enjoyed these episodes today, episodes 61-65.. I was going to shortly break between viewing Vol 1 & 2, but now I might not :p ).

I had something for supper, then soon got online to news-gather.. In primetime, I watched Persons Unknown (wow, I had a difficult time following one of the plots of this episode.. so the show must me awesome :p ..but yeah, I’m really liking it), two episodes of Degrassi TNG (last night’s & tonight’s back-to-back.. very good episodes.. haha, yet another band.. but at least they’re different than the ones that came before) and America’s Got Talent (still enjoying it more when I can fast-forward through the boring parts :p).

Well, see ya.


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