tmnt turtles forever half assed dvd / today

Nickelodeon has issued a half-assed press release for their half-assed August 24th DVD release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever, including a better look at its half-assed cover art. The great three-part episode / TV movie in which the 2003 Ninja Turtles travel to another dimension and meet the classic 1980s Ninja Turtles.. will likely be featured in the form of just the TV version rather than the Director’s Cut, and probably even only in full screen. Who knows. All we have right now is the 73 minute runtime, which is closer to the TV version runtime than that of the 77 minute Director’s Cut that 4Kids said would be released on disc. And just throw 4Kids’ mention of a Blu-ray version right out the window, because Nickelodeon’s only putting it on DVD… I’ll probably buy it to support this awesome movie and TV series, but the presentation will probably suck. I mean, just look at that cover that appears thrown together over the course of a couple hours (ie: half-assed). The movie’s poster would’ve been perfect, but oh well.. What a great start on your newly-purchased franchise, Nickelodeon! :/

I awoke in the morning.. pretty early in the morning.. and got online for a while.. of course. Hours later, my aunt arrived with my dad. He was able to leave rehab for a few hours. I had missed him over these past two weeks of isolation, though I hadn’t spoken to pretty much anyone outside of the interwebs. We headed out to do a few errands in order to pay some bills. I gave him the usual money for said bills. The small check used to pay for the cable until the car needed to be replaced. Now the car’s fixed and I’m still paying him twice the amount. My cable internet alone is $42 a month.. While at the ATM, this lady sorta cut me in line.. then left the ATM without taking her card & receipt. So I went into the bank and give them back to her. It possibly happened because she had three kids with her, talking all at once. :p

We also headed to the grocery store and picked up some food. My dad was nice enough to let me use the food stamp card this time. I tried not to go too far over the amount left over from the previous month. *ahem* Mountain Dew (and Pepsi) Throwback is back! Awesome! Had to get three 20oz of that for the same price each as the 2 liters I also bough– heywaitaminute. 😡 ..Wish they’d put that in 2 liters too.

And then we went out to eat at a buffet. Also nice, of course. I hadn’t even eaten breakfast this morning, so yeah. The buffet also had the icees that I missed so. Once we returned home, my dad kept stalling because he didn’t want to go back to rehab. Just sat there talking, talking, talking. But he eventually did leave though. And again, he said he could leave there anytime he wanted. Not true. 😐

So I got online for a while (lol, get out of the way, cat.. trying to type here..), then finally watched the next four-episode disc of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 1 (more good episodes). Found it hard to pay attention though. There was more drama with my dad. :/ ..Once Naruto was over, I got the PS3 online and.. played ModNation Racers for a bit. I mainly just downloaded the good user-created Power Rangers content that I had missed while not playing the game. Yup, no races. A lot of create XP popped up for my published content downloads though. Hehe. I think I’ll get to actual racing in the morning, once I get that patch. 🙂

I got some supper, then got online to news-gather.. In primetime, I watched Unnatural History (good episode, like the title :p), Make It Or Break It (another very good episode.. and it actually took them a little while to get to the inevitable eating disorder subplot :p ) and America’s Got Talent (wow, a lot better watching it an hour later so I can skip the commercials and parts I don’t care to watch 🙂 ). And that was about it again. See ya.


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