terra nova delayed / rj berger s2 / modnation patch aug 4 / today

FOX has decided to delay the premiere of the pre-historic adventure series Terra Nova from Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, from mid-season to Fall 2011. Ugh. But there is somewhat of a silver lining. A lot like Glee, Terra Nova will see its first episode air as a sneak preview in May 2011. Cool. 🙂 Rumor has it that the delay may be due to the early concept designs looking too much like Avatar. Ha.

MTV has renewed its scripted comedy series The Hard Times of RJ Berger for a second season of 12 more episodes. Awesome. I’ve really been liking this show. Due to MTV being inundated with non-music programming and reality crap, I haven’t watched it in so long. Well, until this show started anyway. Glad there’s finally something on this channel that doesn’t suck. Hope the upcoming Skins and Teen Wolf are the same way. :p

PlayStation Blog reveals that the long-awaited title update patch to ModNation Racers will finally be available this coming Wednesday August 4th at 2AM PST. A lot of tweaks and fixes that a lot of people, including myself, have been waiting for will finally arrive. Cannot wait to get back to playing this game. 🙂

I awoke and got online, then watched Childrens Hospital (lol.. and second season right after the first, starting August 22nd? cool) and The Boondocks (lol, ripped from the headlines I see.. very good episode this week :p). I then tried watching something lame On Demand.. but fell asleep.. of course.

I fell asleep and had a rather cool dream. It was a high school drama type thing.. or something. So this rich, popular and blonde.. mean girl.. was having a birthday party.. at school for some reason.And it was on the same day as my birthday. Somehow, I ended up hidden in the hallway during her birthday party. And when one of here friends was about to take one of my presents, I stopped him. and was revealed. I grabbed my presents and they started chasing me. But soon, I was chatting with the mean girl and tole her how no one wanted to interrupt her day since she was.. so.. mean. Somehow, there was another girl who was a friend of hers whose birthday was also that day. Odd. She cried. I wanted to comfort her but my arms were full of presents. Eventually I was on the bus and on the way home.

I had a rather odd dream before that one. Y’know the “new direction” for Supernatural next season? Well, it wasn’t supernatural whatsoever. It was about these two warring factions.. at war with each other.. and Sam and Dean didn’t even show up until the second episode. I was all “finally”. :p *shrug* Not much else I remember about that one since it was before the other one… Damnit, milk, always making me go to sleep when I don’t want to. :p

I awoke at about 11AM and got online again. I then watched the first four episodes of Naruto Uncut: Season 2 Vol 1 (aka first disc.. very good episodes 🙂 ..Pervy Sage is awesome :p).. before getting online again. But soon, I got the PS3 online and spent a little time in PlayStation Home (gimme those gold cleats! ..damn..). But once I checked the mail, I shut that right off.

I got the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Original Pilot Episode San Diego Comic-Con Limited Edition (of 5000 copies) DVD.. *breathes* ..in the mail. Yay. I took some rather lame pics with my cell phone and placed them on photobucket, then watched the DVD itself. The very first episode of the series from way back in 1993 never looked better. I’ve seen it on TV lots of times, then on the German Season 1 DVD. It definitely looks better here than on that DVD, since the German company that released it compressed the episodes to fit more on one disc, losing audio/video quality in the process. I sooo hope Saban can release some DVDs here in the US with this quality. With it being a kids show, I somehow doubt they would be complete season sets though. I mean, the first season is 50 episodes. If that’s not possible, I’d prefer some half-season/third-season/quarter-season sets. No volumes, thank you. :p

This DVD’s menu is just a static image that matches the front cover and disc art, with a singular “Play Original Pilot Episode” option. No trailers, just the episode. I found it a bit odd that my directional keys could unselect that one and only menu option though. The episode has chapters, for the first half, second half and closing credits. Runtime is 20:46, audio is the expected Dolby 2.0, and my PS3 showed the video quality ranging from 4 to 9 Mbps throughout. Very nice. 🙂

After I was done with that, I got online.. before even 5PM. I did the usual news-gathering, then got a ModNation Racers DLC code from the PlayStation Blog giveaway today. Sweet.. In primetime, I caught an iCarly rerun (techfoots, classic) before watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager (heh, not that bad of an episode.. a bit too politically correct this week though :/ ), Degrassi TNG (haha, expected.. good episode) and eventually The Hard Times of RJ Berger (first and last time watching it live rather than downloading.. took me a while to get use to the less clear audio *shakes fist @ cable company* ..funny episode though 🙂 ).

My dad called again today. He’s finally sounding normal.. but they still won’t let him come home. But at least he’s allowed to leave for a few hours tomorrow to take care of some things. :/ ..See ya..

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