Sunday 08.01.2010 —

I awoke somewhat early in the morning.. and got online, of course. I burned a DVD, then downloaded some things. But eventually, I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (wow, another very good episode 🙂 ) and Kekkaishi (also good). After some more time online, I eventually watched the iCarly: iSaved Your Life DVD (again, all six episodes.. so funny.. though somewhat annoying how the volumes are putting episodes out of order and screwing up some continuity).. then got online.

I finally tried watching Sherlock.. but I got bored and fell asleep for a good part of it. Eh, oh well.. When I awoke, I got the PS3 online for a while and played some more Red Dead Redemption (one mission to get those neat binoculars that’ll be helpful when hunting.. said mission also gave me my first bear kill too, nice.. then I mainly did side stuff for some more trophies :p ). I stayed on the game until a little after 9PM.. then I.. just online fore the rest of the night.

Very uneventful day. See ya.

[ Being Healthy Is Becoming A Recognized Mental Illness ]


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