Saturday 07.31.2010 — “It’s time for molecular transmutation!”

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. And then I soon watched Warehouse 13 (wow, good episode this week.. even though I guessed the artifact correctly somewhat early on :p), Haven (I was ready to stop watching this show.. but then this one was just good enough to keep me watching a little longer).. and finally two “new” episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (“Life’s A Masquerade” & “Gung Ho!”.. not much was messed with again this week, so yay.. at least on-screen effects-wise that I’d notice right away anyway.. and yay 4 Super Putty continuity! Rita collects the super putty in the first episode today, then makes the Super Puttys with said putty in the second.. these two originally aired out of order back in 1993, so yeah :p).

After that was over, I got online for a while.. again. And then I got sucked into this whole twitter drama over Rangerboard going offline only to find out it wasn’t for the reason a joking tweet claimed it to be. Haha.. And then my dad called, claiming he could come and go from rehab whenever he wanted.. and was going to wait until Tuesday morning to try and leave. I kept telling him that he needed to stay in there until they said he could leave.. but he just wouldn’t listen. *sigh* ..After that, I just had to watch some comedy so I wouldn’t feel so horribly depressed. So I finally watched the iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx DVD (all six episodes.. thanks for sending these to me! 🙂 ) and by the end was feeling better for the most part.

After some time online, I then watched At The Movies (just a couple segments.. really wish I could use this free movie ticket 😦 ), The Troop (hey, wasn’t this Felix robot in a previous episode.. seems familiar.. and yet he’s introduced in this episode.. hmm.. good episode though, haha) and Big Time Rush (lol, definitely my favorite episode so far.. soo much laughs, soo much happened.. it really should’ve been a two-part, one-hour “movie” episode, because they were sure in a.. big time rush to film that music video.. hahaha :p ..but seriously, at the halfway point I was all “this is only half over? but so much has happened” heh.. “We could just put everyone else in the background as extras or something.” “Yeah, that is acting, right?” All background extras in the scene: “Yes!” lol :p).

And I guess that was pretty much it again. C U.


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