another today.. damnit

I had a difficult time getting back to sleep.. after the cat woke me up with his meowing at 4AM.. But I eventually got back to sleep.. I awoke in the morning, got online for a bit, then watched some morning TV. I then spent some hours in Red Dead Redemption (two more trophies, yay.. one of them was not the trophy where you have to pretty much kill a whole herd of buffalo.. after I took out a few of them, they just kind of took off and disappeared.. I think it might be time to kill me some bears.. next time.. *gulp* ..yes, another trophy asks you to kill and skin 18 bears.. oh boy :p).. before wasting more hours in PlayStation Home (the silver cleats are finally mine.. now how do I get the gold pair? *looks* misses? crap).

My dad called in the afternoon from rehab. He’s sounding a lot more normal now, but is again talking about getting out of there (actually trying to walk home) before he’s supposed to in order to pay some bills so they don’t go over due. I think I talked him out of it. Most of the money to pay said bills don’t even arrive until Tuesday after all… But what if Tuesday comes and they still haven’t let him come home? *sigh*

And that was pretty much my whole day. Yup. Home froze up (again) shortly before 6PM and I decided to call it a day.. I got online to news-gather, and also ordered a pizza for supper (I really wish I knew of another place that delivers.. getting a bit tired of pizza.. and I never thought I’d say that, ever). In primetime, I watched iCarly (yay, season premiere.. very good episode, lol.. promo for Fred The Movie looked interesting too, even though I haven’t ever really cared for the character.. I’ve only seen him on iCarly and that was enough for me.. but this movie, I’ll check it out :p) and Futurama (lol, sci-fi-heavy episode, so immediately one of my two favorites so far this season.. the other was that iPod one :p ).. got online for a bit.. then watched The Soup (lol) and The Whitest Kids U Know (lol).

And.. that was about it. See ya.

[ Google, CIA Invest In ‘Future’ Of Web Monitoring ]


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