Unfortunately, I awoke in the morning.. and then got online for a bit. I watched some morning TV, then followed that with Degrassi (ah, there’s that chick I was talking about, yay.. Alicia Josipovic 🙂 .. good episode) and Make It Or Break It (great episode.. I’m starting to want to get this on DVD in fact, hmm). I then got the PS3 online and played the newly-released Flower demo (yeah, old game new demo.. and I was blown away, wow.. thatgamecompany made Fl0w –which I got for free a while back– and then they made Flower.. I sense a pattern :p ..I’ll wait and see if I can wait for a sale on Flower :p ).

And then I played some Red Dead Redemption (silver trophy, yay), followed by some time in PlayStation Home (pool table, dance floor, boombox, arcade game.. all at my Home beach house.. sweet 😉 ..but I spent most of the time today in FevaArena).. then returned to Red Dead Redemption (two more silver trophies, yay yay :p ..and one was rather easy to get too, heh).

We– I.. eventually had some supper (hot pock-ets!), then got online to news-gather. In primetime, I watched Minute To Win It (well, half of it.. the sorority girls couldn’t even keep me interested :/ ), America’s Got Talent (..yeah), Degrassi (tonight’s episode, one hour late.. ooh @ that ending 🙂 ) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, very funny show).

I heard this odd –possibly spurting– sound coming from the kitchen. I went to look but saw nothing. And then I smelled what may smell like gas. But after a few moments of being concerned, I ignored it and went on with my usual crap life. I returned to the kitchen later and the odor appeared to have spread through the kitchen more now. WTF? They removed the gas heater years ago…


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