v 2009 dvd blu date / wishing for the final today

Warner Bros has officially announced a November 2nd release date for V (2009): The Complete First Season on Blu-ray & DVD. Nice. I guess they got word from ABC on when to expect the second season to begin and have moved this release back a few more weeks (a Season 2 start in late November seems likely, based solely on this release date).. Warner has also announced Batman Beyond: The Complete Series for DVD release on November 23rd. Sweet. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, before eventually watching some morning TV. But I mainly stayed online for most of the morning.. The maintenance guy or whatever.. borrowed the car keys to move our car to the other side of the parking lot while it was being reblacktopped. And eventually, my aunt arrived with some more groceries for me. It included more stuff I liked than last time. I went through the first two bottles of water (Ice Mountain) rather quickly. And then she told me more about my dad going to rehab…

I watched Haven (episode 2, lost interest for part of it.. but it was okay I guess) and two episodes of Persons Unknown (caught up.. and wow, very good episodes). I then fell asleep for a few hours.. and then I awoke to a knock at the door. It was UPS delivering today’s release of Batman: Under The Red Hood on Blu-ray. I somewhat regretted shelling out for Amazon’s two-day shipping to get it on release date though.. I watched another episode of Haven (better than the previous one.. and caught up on this one too), then got online to news-gather.

In a rather stupid movie that I somewhat regret now, I bought the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pilot Episode Comic-Con Limited Edition DVD off of eBay.. for almost $30 ($22.50 + $6.36 shipping). Ack. I definitely have money to waste, I guess.. In primetime, I watched Unnatural History (another very good episode).

But by about this point, it all began to settle in.. not long after my aunt texted me nearly ten minutes before he went into rehab where there’ll be no phone to contact him.. My dad has been gone for a whole week, and will now be in rehab for at least another week. Possibly longer. Next week is his usual “paying of the bills” week.. that I may now have to do.. once all the monthly checks come in. I hadn’t eaten anything for supper.. and I wasn’t really all that hungry. But the first thing I thought of upon opening that fridge was about that whole thing that I had heard about someone dying by drinking a whole gallon of milk.. and how would that death occur. Would it hurt much? How long would it take?

I wiped the tears away and went to my room, not really caring to see America’s Got Talent since my dad liked it more than I did. I mainly just enjoyed watching it with him. We didn’t really do much together anymore, which was why I kept shows that he liked so we could watch them together later. My media buying partly became about spending time with him too, since I couldn’t and still can’t drive. But now, the thought of my life without him.. it hurts and pains.. and worries me. I can’t possibly make it here all alone, especially stuck in this crappy apartment without the option to go anywhere ever. My aunt is nice, but she’s lives far away.. so her help is limited. I feel so very isolated.

I eventually ate something in place of supper.. but it wasn’t all that much really. *sigh* Bye.


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