wolverine and the x-men series dvd blu / family guy its a trap dvd blu / today

Lionsgate has officially announced a October 12th release date for Wolverine & The X-Men: The Complete Series on both 3-disc DVD & 3-disc Blu-ray. I may have think about getting this one. All 26 episodes will be included, along with 29 audio commentaries (wow) and a couple making-of featurettes. Again, I shall say.. nice cover art. 🙂

The final episode of the Family Guy: Star Wars spoof trilogy Family Guy: It’s A Trap! has been announced for a December 21st release date on DVD & Blu-ray (also available on that date will be three-packs on both formats including all three specials)., I’;; stick to DVD with this series. Hope it doesn’t completely suck. :p

I awoke pretty early in the morning to the load meowing of my cat at 4AM. Ugh. I got online to finish the previous entry, then soon watched Childrens Hospital (hahaha.. though some moments seemed to.. Adult Swim? ugh :p). Not long after that, I went back to sleep. And I pretty much stayed asleep all morning. No reason to wake up today, so why try? My dad is supposed to have his dialysis port surgery today and my aunt thinks he’s going to be outta there today. Yeah right. They’re probably trying to keep him in the hospital for as long as possible like last time.. because he has medicare or whatever. *sigh* I so miss my bottled water, and trying to ration said water and the remaining soda is a pain. -_- I refill the bottles with the gross tap water for the Kool-Aid Singles. No way I’m drinking that fluoridated crap by itself…

I got online for a while, then checked out PlayStation Home (better trick out my virtual homes if this’ll be virtually the only way I’ll be able to interact with other human begins soon.. yup, bought the pool tables.. awesome).. and then played some Red Dead Redemption a bunch of story missions, culminating in a rather cool somewhat-conclusion.. but I still haven’t unlocked the north area.. damnit).

I got online to news-gather.. and got a rather upsetting yet not completely unexpected message from my aunt. My dad is still not good enough to return home, even after the surgery today. He’ll now be in rehab for a week in order to try and make him stronger. My aunt will be coming down with more for for me tomorrow, I guess.. so that’s nice.. *sigh*

I felt rather depressed after this news, but I tried to continue the news-gathering nonetheless. I ordered more pizza for supper.. but it’ll probably be the last time for a while. Getting tired of it. Wish I could find someone else that home delivers.. In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ha), Degrassi (good episode.. but damn, when are we going to see the hot bully chick from the opening credits already? :p), Futurama (wow, some episode.. due to the revelations at the end.. the comedy was rather flat, like most of the time) and True Blood (wow, very good episode.. love/hate those cliffhangers :p).

Aaand that was it for another horrible day. One week down, at least another week to go. -_- See ya.

[ Video: Exposing The Water Fluoridation Deception Dating Back 100 Years ]


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