I awoke and took a drink of something I had started the night before.. then I felt an odd tingling around my mouth. I wiped and saw these little dots on my hand. By then, I was awake. I took a look at the cup and saw a lot of tiny, possibly red-colored, ants crawling all over my cup. Ewwww. I went directly to the sink and rinse that shit out. But it sure didn’t make me stop thinking about the ones I drank. Yuck. 😦

I fed the cat again in an another attempt to shut him up and got online for a while, then watched some morning TV.. And then I fell asleep and had another dream. I first dreamt that I was watching TV in the living room and my dad suddenly came out of the bedroom and joined me. A little later, we had bought this huge house or something to live in (in a previous dream, I think) and my dad was heading out somewhere. And so I shut of the video game I was playing and headed out to meet him in the car. But this other person met me and put me on a table.. or something. My dream self then remembered that this house was connected to filming some very old sci-fi series back in the day.. as my eye was taken out and replaced by a cyber eye.. or whatever. Needless to say, that got me to finally wake up. Damn.

Right after that, I got online for a little while again.. and then I wasted all afternoon playing more Red Dead Redemption (more side challenges and stuff, followed by a quest). But I shut the game off early at 5PM and got back online to news-gather.. I bought another pizza for supper, then.. finished up online early.. In primetime, I watched two episodes of 100 Questions (haha.. though the laughworthy moments were few and far between), two episodes of Degrassi TNG (good episode, liked them.. took this long for me to notice the “Next Generation” part of the series logo is no longer there, haha.. I’m liking the new continuity, but it seems this was made to be aired at one two-parter per week since all of Season 10 is two-parters.. but its possible TeenNick tried to get ahead of the people downloading it by airing it so quickly after the Canada airing, sorta like Doctor Who & Torchwood), The Soup (lol) and The Whitest Kids U Know (lol).

And then that was about it.. See ya.

[ White House Emails Show More Extensive Improper Contact With Google ]


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