I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry, then I got into SirStack’s YouTube channel filled with classic Power Rangers promos. A lot of this stuff really took me back.. to a time that didn’t completely suck, like now.. While I continued to drown myself in media, my aunt tried to get me to think more seriously about what’s been going on. She sees my tweets (twitter = emo free zone for me.. in order to keep followers :p) on Facebook and messages me an update about my dad. He still in his confused state. And that damn dialysis social worker is butting in about our life at home etc. This news brought on a new tidal wave of depression.

I’m now considering removing the instant tweet posting on Facebook. I’ve been too worried about what I say on it now that my family members can see what I say there. I may send separate messages to Facebook though. *shrug* ..In order to shove the depression away, I again watched four more episodes of Roswell: Season 3 (Christmas & New Years’ episodes, yay.. and the start of the Changes storyline, oh boy :p ..and I don’t want to mention “I Married An Alien”.. but damnit, I just did 😦 ..six episodes left..).

Next, I got online for a while (longer than usual in the middle of the afternoon), then soon watched The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, really like this show) and Sons of Tucson (haha.. but average, really). And then I finally played some Red Dead Redemption (mainly collecting the treasure in Mexico.. wonder what I should do with all these gold bars now? need to look up the best store to sell them at.. still two left to collect in a still-locked area of the map too 😦 ). I shut off the game at about 6PM, then got online to news-gather.

I had.. some supper.. then soon watched Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther? (all three episodes as released for download.. though I got them free instead of paying for them.. and I chose to watch them now since these episodes have disappeared from the download services.. that said, I really liked this.. among all the Marvel animated series I’ve seen, this would definitely have to be one of –or possibly is– the most mature.. and the animation style is very nice as well, very comic-like.. the six half-hour episodes were cut in 12 half episodes for download release, but the release was stopped and removed before they were done 😦 ..I’d definitely buy this on DVD or Blu-ray if it were released 🙂 ).

And in primetime, I watched Minute To Win It (really only the part continuing from last week.. didn’t care to keep my attention for the next contestants), America’s Got Talent (okay I guess).. and True Blood (wow, another very good episode.. I’m liking that this vampire show is actually about vampires this season :p ). That was about it.

My cat is meowing more than before. I feed him, but that doesn’t stop him. He must be missing him too. -_- See ya.

[ False Flag Cyber Attack Could Take Down The Internet ]


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