red faction tv movie pilot / walmart movie blu / today

SyFy & THQ have joined forces on a new project titled Red Faction: Origins, a TV movie pilot that’s based on the video games series of the same name. I’ve heard of movies based on video games.. but a TV series? Wow. It’s set to debut on SyFy in March 2011. “The story of Red Faction: Origins follows the lineage of rebel hero Alec Mason and the Mason family, set during a period between the critically acclaimed Red Faction Guerilla video game and the recently announced and highly anticipated Red Faction Armageddon video game, also scheduled for release in March 2011.” Interesting…

Oh. Apparently, last Friday night’s blah Walmart Family Movie Night film The Jensen Project was released on DVD AND Blu-ray on Saturday. Secrets of the Mountain (the previous Walmart Family Movie Night film), starring Power Rangers RPM‘s Adelaide Kane (*drools*), only got a DVD upon its release. Damnit. šŸ˜¦ ..Ah well, saves me some money again. Thanks Walmart! :p

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish the previous entry. Then I had a little breakfast and watched some morning TV, followed by four more episodes of Roswell: Season 3 (Jesse, never liked him.. so I was glad he.. ended up where he did in the series finale.. good episodes for the most part though). And then I wasted all afternoon on Red Dead Redemption (i think from 1:30-7PM actually.. got through a LOT of missions.. er, quests? ..then made it to Mexico.. wow @ the song that plays as you first enter Mexico, beautiful).

My aunt was in town visiting my dad in the hospital.. as I sat at home almost not knowing a single thing that was going on all day.. and tried to push the depression away by playing a game for a very long time.. Instead of taking me out to grocery shop, she shopped for me. I guess she just can’t stand being in a silent car with me again. And the groceries that resulted weren’t all that helpful really. But thanks though.. At 7PM, I got online to news-gather.. then ordered a pizza online for supper. >_>

In primetime, I watched Unnatural History (ha, good episode.. another National Treasure-y one :p), America’s Got Talent (two hours.. didn’t watch all of it though.. could keep my attention) and Make It or Break It (another great episode.. especially with that ending šŸ™‚ ).

My aunt said that my dad keeps trying to get out of his hospital bed, so he’s in a special room without a phone. She says he also thought the cat was with him.. when he obviously wasn’t. šŸ˜¦ I hope he gets better.. and that that damn dialysis social worker doesn’t take him away and throw him into some nursing home. *sigh*

See ya.

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