v 2009 s1 dvd blu date / today

TVShowsOnDVD have uncovered that Warner Bros has moved its DVD & Blu-ray release of V (2009): The Complete First Season from August 24th to October 19th. I don’t mind this move too much. It makes the week of August 24th a little less expensive (Lost: Final Season), plus this moves it closer to ABC’s second season premiere expected in November. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and immediately noticed my dad’s phone sitting on the table in the living room. He hadn’t gone to dialysis again. And as I was heading to check on him, I saw that he was lying on the floor. He told me that he had fallen there last night and couldn’t get up. I tried to pull him up, but I couldn’t. I could only get him into a sitting position. Being the silent person that I am, I texted his sister (my aunt) and she dialed 911 for me. They soon arrived and got him to his feet, then took him away in an ambulance. *sigh* 😦

This is the third time now that they’ve had to come and take him over not going to dialysis. I’m worried it might be the last… After all that, I got online for a while.. and then soon watched the first four episodes of Roswell: Season 3 (good episodes, I guess.. didn;t like a lot of things they did in Season 3 though,, too weird and out-of-character :/ ..the Valenti subplot in “Secrets And Lies” really hit home for me, especially today.. it was about a father and son not staying connected and one of them being in a nursing home 😦 ).

I then followed that with Iron Man: Extremis – The Motion Comic (really impressed by the animation here, especially the 3D CG-looking segments.. but it kept jumping from the plot to the origin story and spent too much time on the latter IMO 😦 ). And after that, I spent some more hours on Red Dead Redemption (treasure hunting is pretty cool.. you get a map from someone, which leads to a gold bar and a map.. which leads to a gold bar and a map etc.. and each spot gets a little more challenging to get to 🙂 ..also did a mission or two). I briefly checked out PlayStation Home (the sombrero unlocking wasn’t saved.. so that’s why it told me I had unlocked something when I actually didn’t :p ), the got online to news-gather.

In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha, it seems Tom can get away with a lot more because he’s special.. eh, okay episode) and Degrassi: The Next Generation (summer break “movie”, yay! “The Rest Of My Life”, “The Heat Is On”, “The Boiling Point”.. whatever the heck the title is :p …Pool party! *drool, anime nosebleed, etc* great four-parter, looking forward to the rest of the season in the coming weeks 🙂 ).

And that was about it.. See ya.

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