Saturday 07.17.2010 — Green Ranger Bubble Wand! *twirls*

I was online for a little while before I fell asleep. And before I did, I fit in the latest The Whitest Kids U Know (lol, especially @ the Cumfetti Baby :p ).. I fell asleep.. and I awoke in the morning to my dad confusedly mumbling.. not knowing what day it was. *sigh* I told him it was Saturday.. and briefly got online to complete a few things I had left unfinished. My dad then asked me if we got any mail today. I told him multiple times that it was 6:30AM, not PM. The mail definitely wouldn’t have come yet.

I eventually fell asleep again for a few hours, then awoke at around 11:30AM. My dad was still groaning and asked if today was still Saturday. I replied that it was.. and got online for a bit. Not long after that was when I heard that the schedule for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned had changed with no advance notice. There were two “new” episodes today instead of one. It was just hitting 12 noon, so I had to run and get the DVR recording right away. Only missed the “Today on” and half the opening credits for “Shellshock”, so it wasn’t too bad.

The most annoying effect today would definitely have to be Tommy’s bubble wand. There’s a scene where Tommy’s just training with a ninja stick thing, twirling it around. New effects where added with his twirling that looked liked green bubbles. Ugh. There were some tolerable things as well though. Bulk & Skull’s defeat in “Trouble with Shellshock” ended with “Epic Fail” off in the distance sitting on the ground as they ran off. And then the floating word “DRAGONZORD!” appeared during the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” battle. Dragonzord walked right through it and it broke apart. Heh. They were probably able to keep the Dragonzord putting that hole right through the monster only because it was a spider. :p

After that, I got online to read up at Rangerboard.. and my dad took over the TV.. as he continued to sit and walk around all ghostly. *sigh* As the afternoon progressed, he began to look better though. And as he kept finding lame crap to watch, I stayed online all afternoon. I eventually downloaded and watched the first episode of Cat Shit One though. It was just released today. It’s an anime featuring CGI animals fighting in a war. But even with the title, there’s no cats. The main characters are a couple bunnies. An original trailer had spurting blood, but it has been replaced with puffs of dust. That didn’t really stop me from enjoying it though. I should probably watch subbed anime more often. 🙂 Oh, here’s a trailer btw.

After I showed some disappointment about having burgers for supper for the 4958495823th time, my dad put a slice of turkey lunch meat on top of them. Um, okay? O_o ..I fell asleep again for a bit, then got back online again. All night. Not really much happened. Though I did finally notice a connection between Big Time Rush and iCarly during a Rush rerun. Random dancing! lol. Didn’t notice it until now. :p

Not much else really happened. Ah well. See ya.


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