I awoke in the morning to find that my dad hadn’t gone to dialysis. Argh.. I got online for a while to finish up the previous entry, then took over the TV really early and watched four more episodes of Roswell: Season 2 (Christmas episode, classic.. as well as the first half of what I think is one of the best storylines of the series.. Laurie Dupree is cute, so who cares if she’s nuts? :p ). My dad woke up eventually, then I soon got online again for another while.

Once he was done watching his news, I then wasted all afternoon in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. Sure, it started out fun. I traveled from one edge of the map to the other in order to get a trophy, then got another while shooting other players. But then, a few more skilled players came in and took over this fortress with cannons and other huge guns.. and proceeded to kill all the others including me over and over and over. *respawn* *dead again .5 seconds later* Fun. And somehow I became the leader of their opposing posse, and just because I booked it out of the area because I was tired of being killed 245356356 times.. they kicked me out of their game all together. Yeah, it’s no longer fun when you’re not leveling up, huh guys? *rolls eyes* It totally wasn’t fair. There was like 8-10 of them and only three of us. -_-

Soon after that, I gave up and shut the game off. We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Minute To Win It (haha, good episode), America’s Got Talent (about who I expected..) and Hot In Cleveland (lol). And that was pretty much it for another night.

See ya.


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