Sunday 07.11.2010 —

Right after the previous entry, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit. Then I moved on to some Dead Space (*alien jumps out* AH!).. then finally started Red Dead Redemption (see? told ya I couldn’t wait.. soo many things to do in this game, it’s almost overwhelming.. and I haven’t even touched the online multiplayer yet! played some story missions, played some poker, rode my horse around a lot etc etc :p). And before I knew it, it was after 5AM.

I then decided to try and fit in some TV before finally sleeping, so I did — Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (great episode once again 🙂 ) and Kekkaishi (good episodes here too.. but I fell asleep about halfway through 😦 ).. I awoke after 11AM to my dad watching CMT. Yuck. Once he finished his video countdown and decided to go to the grocery store again, I took over again and returned to Red Dead Redemption (stretched my legs a bit more in this wild west sandbox this time.. lol @ the stranger missions.. because you don’t know them.. and they’re also strange :p ..I also went to the movie theater, skinned and sold some animal skin & meat, and got attacked by a cougar and died.. followed by more poker :p ).

Hours later (my dad had since returned then went to bed again), I watched the rest of Kekkaishi (wow, very nice ending), followed by Sons of Tucson (lol, what an ass) and Unnatural History (ohwaitno.. Cartoon Network chose to change their schedule at the very last second and move the show to Tuesday nights, so it was just rerun after rerun all damn night.. the on-screen guide has been updated yet, grr). I moved on to Haven (the lead character is cute and the continuing plotline is slightly interesting.. everything else is just.. not good at all.. bad special effects, both computer and otherwise.. lightning strikes and two random flaming logs tip over? wtf was that? ugh..) and Warehouse 13 (this on the other hand, was good.. I like the new recurring villain 🙂 ).

After all that, I returned to my room as my dad headed off to bed. Online, I watched the new episode of Emo Rangers (lol, cool!) followed by History of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (Part 1 & Part 2..DEE-abolico & Mega BattleRs, the mispronounciations continue :p biggie, good videos nonetheless).

Linkara mentioned the reasons behind the two Lost Galaxy actors leaving the team-up that I’ve never heard before. Interesting. Though he didn’t mention something else that I heard recently that makes the Ryan storyline make a LOT more sense. Ryan did in fact die that day on the cliff. Diabolico only grabbed and saved Ryan’s spirit that night (since he was only a spirit himself) and so he’s been a demon the entire time. It would explain why Carter couldn’t handle the Titanium morpher and Ryan could. But with this being a kids show, they ended up taking it out. 😦 That would’ve been awesome.

Well.. see ya.


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