Saturday 07.10.2010 —

I awoke in the morning and got online for a while because my dad was watching something lame on TV. But eventually, I watched The Soup (lol), followed by the last two episodes of Roswell: Season 1 (great ending, though the Backstreet Boy cameo surely wasn’t needed.. it was just a ploy to get viewers, plus he only said one line and didn’t deliver it well.. “It HAS begun.” -_- ..might as well break until Monday before starting Season 2). I got online again, then pretty much just waited for the mail. I found Silver Hawk on TV and added it to my Netflix right away (instant streaming!). Hehe, it’s somewhat cheesy-looking.. but asian costumed heroes who kick ass is right up my alley. :p

The mail finally arrived and I was surprised when I got both packages that I was expecting in one day — Naruto Uncut Season 2 Vol 2 DVD and Red Dead Redemption (PS3 of course). I think I’ll get to watching Naruto Season 2 as soon as Roswell is done.. and I think I’d like to try and finish Dead Space before moving on to Red Dead (I doubt I’ll hold out though :p)..

We headed to the grocery store, then returned home and watched At The Movies (eh, just the “Despicable Me” & “Predators” reviews.. I should print my free ticket soon), The Whitest Kids U Know (lol, especially the salad skit) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (I’m really liking this show.. hope its released on DVD or Blu-ray). We had some supper, then watched Leverage (episode 402.. another very good episode 🙂 ).

After all that.. I once again got online all night while my dad watched his usual crap in the living room. Blah. See ya..?

*runs off*


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