star wars clone wars s2 art / anchorman best buy exclusive blu / today

Check out some cover art for the October 26th DVD & Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season Two. Cannot wait to own this. Liked it on TV, and I gotta complete my collection (have the ugh-worthy movie and great first season on Blu already :p).

Retailer Best Buy has purchased the exclusive sales rights to the August 31st 2-disc Blu-ray release of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – The Unrated Rich Mahogany Edition through the end of the year. From August 31st, it’ll be the only store from which you’ll be able to buy it. Plus it’ll include most of the Best Buy exclusive stuff from the DVD release, including both the unrated and theatrical versions of the film, the Wake Up, Ron Burgundy film made from deleted scenes, and even the journal book. On top of all that, a pack of trading cards. Haha. Best Buy is already taking pre-orders for $24.99. Looking forward to upgrading this one. 🙂

Late at night, I got onto PlayStation Home (mainly to pick up the limited The Last Airbender items for my EU account.. four nation banners and a shirt, pretty cool).. Then I went to sleep. The next morning, I awoke and soon watched four more episodes of Roswell: Season 1 (sci-fi amped up here.. I like the change, but now I realize that I might also not like it.. like a lot of fans said back then.. interesting.. final two up for tomorrow). My dad returned home from dialysis, then eventually went to bed.

I played some LittleBigPlanet (Marvel DLC levels playthrough complete.. still disappointed that there’s no new trophies though 😦 ), watched three episodes of Futurama (all caught up.. the eyePhone episode was priceless! I’ll have to keep that one 🙂 ), then played some Dead Space (Chapter 2 complete, and two more trophies.. liking the story, I should really try and spend more time on it since Red Dead Redemption is in the mail.. but it still gets me.. a little scared.. the way those alien things just jump out at you out of nowhere :p). My dad awoke and checked the mail, then we eventually had some supper.. and then he returned to bed.

Next, I spent some time on PlayStation Home (another dollar spent on Midway plays.. got a few prizes this time though 🙂 ). And after that, I got online to news-gather at around 7PM. My dad woke up after 8PM and totally forgot that we had already had supper yet again. Ugh. :/ ..My dad found a rerun of House to watch. But at 9PM, we watched my next Netflix selection — The Crazies (2009). Wow. This was pretty good movie. I always like the government as the bad guy. :p When I saw the TV commercials, I immediately rolled my eyes and moved on. But after some good things heard, I decided to check it out. Very good movie. May even buy on Blu-ray someday. *shrug*

And that was about it for the night. See ya.


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