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Variety reports that Avatar will return to theaters once again on August 27th, in the form of an eight-minutes-longer Special Edition exclusively in 3D. No Na’vi sex scene though. 😦 This new version of the film is rumored to then be released as part of an Ultimate Edition Blu-ray set (featuring three versions of the film and special features.. plus sex scene perhaps?) just in time for Christmas. Cha-ching! :p

ABC has announced their fall premiere dates. Castle returns September 20th, followed by the second season of “Comedy Wednesday” on September 22nd featuring The Middle, Modern Family & Cougar Town, as well as the new series Better With You. The duo of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice are back September 23rd, Desperate Housewives is set for September 26th, then No Ordinary Family (the family with superpowers!) finally premieres on September 28th. 🙂 V is expected to premiere and follow No Ordinary Family once that Dancing With The Stars BS is over. :p

The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations were announced this morning. The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien got a nomination under Variety Show and Leno did not. HAHA! Glee got a whopping 19 nominations, only in second for most nominations behind the HBO series The Pacific. Congrats! 🙂

Since there’s not going to be a third season to release it right before, Party Down: Season Two has been set for DVD release of September 28th. So sad to see this one go. It was a great and very funny show.. I’ve recently wondered if Starz had to cancel both this and Gravity just to be able to afford to co-finance the upcoming fourth season of Torchwood. Hmm. :/

I stayed up late playing some Dead Space.. I awoke the next morning, then fell asleep.. then awoke again and got online for a bit. :p ..Once my dad headed off to the grocery store, I took over and watched four more episodes of Roswell: Season 1 (great episodes here.. and the last episodes of what some probably call the “true” show before the network first interfered, asking to amp up the sci-fi for the last six episodes of the season.. I myself actually like those episodes and pretty much all of Season 2 because of it.. the third season was where a lot more went wrong though).

Once those were over, I got the PS3 online and checked out all the new stuff in PlayStation Home/ Not as big of an update this week. The new & free LOOT MIB is pretty helpful (Mobile Internet Browser.. indirectly surf websites without leaving Home, nice). The new Observatory & WipEout spaces are great.. but especially the latter. I really like the futuristic cityscape view. 🙂 ..We had some supper, then I eventually got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched two episodes of Rookie Blue (last week’s episode and tonight’s new episode live.. really nice show), followed by Leverage (yup, four episodes have aired and I’m just getting started on them now :p ..very good start to the season 🙂 ). And.. that was pretty much it..? See ya.

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  1. Dr. Mikhail Kravchuk Says:

    Dear Sirs!

    Prevent a catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico can not only collecting donations and distributing them in distress.
    Win a catastrophe can only be applying the most advanced technologies. In an unprecedented catastrophe must be an adequate response. With this proposal we are writing to you.

    The only way to preserve life on the planet Earth and protect its environment is to switch to new technologies which would allow humankind to reimburse Nature for what we have been taking from it during the last 4 hundred years or so. Today, the media, we hear that the bad ecological situation is a payment for the comfort that we provide the current technocratic civilization, and no other way. This is a lie. Today, technology has reached a level at which each country can have a sufficient number of quality food products and energy. Unfortunately, existing in the world economy technological structure and financial flows do not give change the situation in the economy and ecology for the better.
    Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico are not just an incident; it is a world catastrophe which will affect most of the countries on the planet. Thereupon we have set up in London, Great Britain, the Independent Public Commission and invited a number of international scientists on board. Their research works can, from our point of view, liquidate both the catastrophe itself as well as its consequences in mid-to-long-term timeframe. The aim of the Commission is the search for and introduction of breakthrough technologies, which could solve current global problems in energy, food, medicine and the environment and reduce the risk of industrial accidents and natural disasters.
    Below you will find a description of various technologies and projects, selected by the Commission, which could quickly stop oil leaking from the well, liquidate the oil slick spill in the Gulf and help prevent or minimize the risk of similar events happening in the future.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr. Tamara Voronina Mark Jeffery
    Great Britain, London Great Britain, London
    E-mail: info@tvrejuvenation.com E-mail: markjeffery@resortlands.net

    Dr. Mikhail Kravchuk,
    Russian Federation, Moscow
    E-mail: TheTree-ofLife@yandex.ru

    Our suggestions are based directly on research carried out during the past decade. The continuing disaster in the Mexican Gulf shows there is nothing more important for governments and energy companies to consider at the moment. In order to understand these methods, it is necessary to change the thinking about the existing world.


    The resolution of the disaster in the Mexican Gulf needs to be considered in 3 parts:-

    I. Cessation of oil entering the sea from the bore-hole.
    II. Dealing with the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf area.
    III. Avoiding future global catastrophes by adopting the proven resource of fuel from water.

    Point 1.
    At the beginning of the millennium, experiments in the correction of the trajectory of hurricanes in the Mexican Gulf were held. The experiments were carried out under the leadership of N. Levashov. Levashov managed to put an energetic barrier in the way of hurricanes which diverted them back into the open ocean where they dispersed. In 2007 N. Levashov dismantled energy barrier. More information can be found on the site http://www.levashov.info , to switch to English version site, you need to click the mouse the English flag. In the section “articles” there are articles «Taming The Intractables: How to Make Hurricanes Behave» and «The Drought». These studies described some studies made by N. Levashov.
    The basis of N. Levashov is its ability to work with “dark matter”. Levashov developed equipment – generators, allowing him to control the “dark matter”, which, as you know, 90% of the universe. In essence, N. Levashov, restructure their generators, could increase the viscosity of oil around the geological horizon. The density of oil increases, and the pressure in the geological horizon falls. All together it will stop leaking oil from the wells. At the same time reorganizing his generators, there is a chance to annihilate all oil pollution on the water surface. Now N. Levashov is waiting invitation and supposes to make business in some days.
    This may sound fantastically, but it is true. See our report ‘ Strategy of global survival.’ Exactly such projects will save the world.
    Unfortunately, thirst for absolute power in the world thus having control over all technologies, doesn’t allow the majority of projects to start. We’ve proved that even now every country has a proper and qualified amount of food and sources of energy. But the world’s ruler directs the process. Natural disasters will soon smash the majority of this civilization, if the rulers of Mankind won’t change up their mind in the nearest future.

    Point 2.
    In 1998 – 2001 the group of Russian scientists from Telos-Technologies group is working in Great Britain, particular in Middlesex University, on the problem of cleansing water from oil pollution.
    The first technology allows to remove oil products from the water without chemicals (dispersants). It has been done in closed reservoirs, for example on ships collecting oil from the ocean surface.
    Secondly, the developed technology allows to stir up the activity of oil oxidizing bacteria 6-12 times more in water and soil. In the case of lack or absence of corresponding oil oxidizing bacteria, technology allows change the phenotype of the presented in the water or on the soil oil not oxidizing bacteria and they start discomposing the oil. After finished work, bacteria are transferred back to their phenotype, according to the corresponding command. These are the closed technologies of a double destination. There are reports, which prove that it is possible to use this method with a great benefit for the environment, in the case of oil spilt. All the documents can be attached.

    Point 3.
    To avoid similar global catastrophes the industrial world should embrace a new energy resource – fuel from water. This already exists and can be produced to any scale.
    A new kind of fuel, based on special structure of water was developed in Russia. This fuel is the most promising one as it is cheap and environmentally friendly. At the core of it lies the so called “special structure of water” effect. It takes around 90.0%-99.5% of plain water and just 0.5%-10.0% of any other combustible materials (vegetable oils, including rape seed oil, spirit, crude oil, residual oil fuel, diesel fuel etc.) to produce boiler fuel alone. Combustion heat of such boiler fuel is comparable to that of propane gas, and so notably exceeds similar qualities of diesel fuel.
    Transition to such special structure of water-based fuel would fully replace and save non exhaustible raw materials, such as hydrocarbons, for future generations. It would also enable us to make Earth atmosphere, polluted by combustion engines, thermo and electrical plants, much cleaner. Performance characteristics of such substance exceed almost all known kinds of fuel. The Ecological aspect of the new fuel is particularly important. Exhaust products of such fuel, are negligible – CO and emissions are times smaller than in any traditional kind of fuel. That is why transition to the suggested fuel will sharply decrease carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth atmosphere and will hence significantly contribute to solving global warming problem, which has been a great concern for the humanity nowadays.
    The know-how of these sorts of combustible substance, i.e. special structure of water-based fuels is rooted in utilisation of vortex and cavitation processes energy. It is aimed at defined transformation of water inner-molecular interactions with a wide range of hydrocarbons, i.e. already existing hydrocarbon fuel. The production costs of such fuel are another of its immensely important characteristic – when mass produced it shall start at 15-20 USD per tonne. The production equipment of such fuel could also be used for recycling and utilisation of various kinds of liquids, such as liquid radioactive materials, industrial and household waste, agricultural fertilizers, automobile liquids (engine oil) etc. Considering the latter it is clear that manufacturing of this sort of equipment becomes a rather relevant issue for a wide range of world ecological problems.
    Special structure of water-based fuel has already passed the trials and is currently being certified both in Russia and abroad. Production principles of special structure of water were published in the open press. It has also been expertise by such notable foreign certification centres such as Swiss company SGS, South Korean State Institute of Petroleum Quality and other world certification bodies. Technology engineers have undertaken rounds of talks with business representatives from the United Kingdom, South Korea, Israel, Switzerland, Chile, Republic of South Africa and India. These talks were aimed at furthering launch of the first boiler fuel production facilities. Representatives from energy companies in question were demonstrated new fuel production unit, as well as given fuel samples for subsequent analysis. Documentary films were also made.
    Economic community was presented by a unique chance to provide the world market with a finished high-tech product. This product combines previously mutually exclusive fuel properties – extremely low production costs and exceptional ecological parameters.
    The move of the industrial world in the direction suggested would completely obviate ecological accidents such as the one we are currently dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico. Licenses for the production of such fuel should be offered equally to all member states of the United Nations.
    The developers of the new type of fuel are prepared to hand over to the United Nations the basic right to produce such fuel.

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