dollhouse season 2 blu dvd / today

FINALLY! Though after the method of Season 1 release, I probably should have expected it… Fox Home Entertainment has announced a October 12th Blu-ray & DVD release date for Dollhouse: Season Two. Fox will once again be taking pre-orders at San Diego Comic Con later this month for a “very cool very limited lithograph” version of the release. No information on special features though. Just the cover art. I was sorta expecting it to be that, even though I don’t like that art. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online. My dad did not go to dialysis today. Now he must go tomorrow.. He eventually awoke and we watched some morning TV. But eventually, we got ready and headed out to media buy… First, I headed to Best Buy and quickly looked at some things.. but bought nothing. Wow. Those bladeless Dyson fans were rather impressive.. I moved on, got my icee, then returned home.

Not long after returning home, I watched four more episodes of Roswell: Season 1 (more great episodes.. loved the “285 South” cliffhanger, and “Blood Brother”.. a shame how rare the unaltered original music episodes are online though.. as expected, everyone just blindly upgraded to the DVD rips, ugh 😦 ..I would most likely buy these on Blu-ray.. but if Fox would pay up to get the original music back for them, a lot more people would probably pay up for them too). I then followed that with some time on Dead Space (I’m getting into this now, liking the story.. chapter 1 complete 🙂 ).

We had some supper (more TV dinners.. either this or burgers for the 23453455th time.. it’s like he’s forgotten how to make anything else), then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, we watched Memphis beat (good episode.. and Juliette Lewis, nice 🙂 Ned is all growed up.. from Ned’s Declassified I mean :p) and two hours of America’s Got Talent (it was alright.. though it was hard to keep my attention). There was some firework drama outside. People that don’t even live in these apartments began firing off fireworks out front. I guess it got so bright that the parking lot lights went out. lol.

Well.. see ya.

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