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I awoke in the morning to find that my dad hadn’t gone to dialysis yet again. Ugh. After some time online, I watched the first four episodes of Roswell: Season 1. And so my fourth complete series rewatch begins (watched them during their original WB/UPN airings, then the SciFi Channel reruns & then DVD releases). After some thought, I decided to watch them on DVD again. I doubt the Netflix streaming versions are any different (music replacement 😦 ). Perhaps I should find a torrent with the original aired versions. I have them all on VHS.. but this show premiered almost eleven years ago, so.. yeah. Rewatching these episodes really brought a lot of old memories back. Good times. Infinitely better than now..

Anyway, my dad woke up during the last episode. Not long after they ended, I got online for a little while.. mainly just to get away from his usual grouchy self.. My dad took over the TV after his news and watched some CMT.. stuff.. But once that was over, I returned and got onto PlayStation Home (damnit, I’m addicted to Midway.. I bought and spent two green tickets in one day, that’s 100 plays for $2.. I did unlock the hot tub in the Midway personal space from the prizes won though.. koi are swimming in it, lol :p).

And I managed to find enough time to play a little more Dead Space (not enough IMO.. got too caught up in Home.. but the very little that I played, I liked.. got a couple more objectives done and got my first trophy 🙂 ) before my dad told me to shut it off due to supper being ready (burgers again, big surprise).. I then got online to news-gather.

I returned to the living room early after finishing up online.. early. But unfortunately, I fell asleep. And when I awoke, my was watching one of the show I was DVRing. I missed most of it, so I left the room until it was over. And then I watched Huge (eh, the basketball thing was too cheesy.. may drop it now), Make It Or Break It (wow, what a BITCH.. lol.. just thought that needed to be said, very good episode.. nice final shot 🙂 ), The Boondocks (lol.. was wondering how it would get back to status quo) and Futurama (lol, the new season begins.. and ditto on status quo :p ..crazy episode :p).

After all that, I finally returned to my room for the night.. But only after asking my dad about dialysis. He said he’d think about going tomorrow instead. I didn’t bring up that tomorrow was the usual Tuesday media thing though, since I didn’t want to seem like an ass.. that and I probably wasn’t going to buy anything anyway. Haruhi Suzumiya is getting a DVD re-release that I was considering picking up (and I’ve never even seen it before), but it’ll be the same price no matter when or if I get it. so..

See ya.

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