Saturday 07.03.2010 —

I awoke in the morning, then got online for a while. But then my dad said he was heading out to a grocery store soon, so I came along. But first, we went to Target to put more money on our phones (I still have plenty on it.. but they’ll shut it off and steal all that money after tomorrow if I didn’t) and visited the bank (my monthly cable bill withdrawal.. went from paying the cable internet to the whole thing when he had to get a new car.. but now I’m still paying for the whole thing long after his car payments are over :/). And after that, we finally made it to a grocery store and picked up some things.

We returned home, then I eventually put on some Wipeout. Due to all that moving around, my dad had to head to bed already. 😦 ..I watched Futurama: Bender’s Game (eh, it was okay I guess), then checked out PlayStation Home (one minigame’s rewards finally completed.. eleven to go? :p). My dad eventually woke up and made some supper. We were going to go to another store.. but it’s the one that my dad fell in the other day, so he’s afraid that might happen again.. 😦

I got online for a little while.. and pretty much stayed there all night yet again. Argh.. Well, see ya.


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