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Here’s some news that’s a bit late, but here it is anyway.. Warner Home Video has announced September 28th 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD & Blu-ray releases of the next DC Universe Original Animated Movie, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Awesome. And epic cover art as well. Due to lower-than-expected sales on Wonder Woman, these films have since become more testosterone-based. That annoys me. But at least here we’re getting Supergirl’s origin story. Yay! I’m also newly-interested in the DC Showcase: Green Arrow short since Greg Weisman (The Spectacular Spider-Man) is behind it. 🙂

I awoke early in the morning and got online. It was then I learned about the temporary fix for the PlayStation Home Midway space problem. The defects were only affecting those who has set their PS3 displays to 16:9. I hurried to my PS3 and into PlayStation Home. It worked. I bought a ticket and played some games. Some are actually fun, while others can get annoying.. Soon, I watched Futurama: Bender’s Big Score (lol.. the new season has started and I still haven’t watched most of these “movies”, so I’ve decided to do so.. this one I already seen a while ago, so I guess it’s okay that I fell asleep during it).

I awoke a little while later and soon watched Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs (eh, it was okay I guess.. funny stuff.. mainly just jokes that make you go “haha!” then you move on). My dad returned home from dialysis. He tried his best to stay awake. He needed to do some things today. He watched some news, then he headed out to the bank.

I returned to PlayStation Home for a while (even though I bought a second book of 50 tickets already, the free play system is still pretty cool and useful). My dad eventually headed to bed.. just as UPS arrived with the package I’ve been waiting for all week. I saw a rather good deal at CheapAssGamer for Dead Space and jumped on it. Two EA Store coupon codes take the $19.99 price down to $9.95 and removes the $7 shipping charge, for a total of $10.65 after taxes. Noice. It’s the Greatest Hits version though. *cringes* But still, good price.

And so I soon played some Dead Space. I don’t usually get these more “scary” games. A long time ago, I.. actually got somewhat scared.. during The X-Files Game (the PS1 port of the PC game, still have it around here somewhere).. and opted not to get that genre of game again (unless it was X-Files of course, hence Resist Or Serve :p). But I was considering Dead Space at one point or another due to its alien elements piquing my interest.. and so here we are. :p ..I don’t get very far into the game before I get stuck. Oh well. Will have to look up a guide online and get back to it later..

I got online to news-gather, then my dad made me order some pizza for supper. And since there was nothing on in primetime, I stayed online longer while he wanted another local baseball game. But soon, he said he had to head to bed again and so he did.. At this point, I took over the TV and got back on PlayStation Home. More carnival games, more fun.. mainly using free plays too. Yay. I also watched The Soup (lol) and The Whitest Kids U Know (lol.. that moon landing skit was almost as great as that school bus one.. except the ending ruined it a bit :/ ).

I waited and waited.. and when it struck Midnight, Darla appeared in the PlayStation Home Midway space. Apparently her kissing booth is made to be a pretty rare event. She only shows up every night at Midnight ET. And today she was only there for about eight minutes. Wow. No prize though, except the kiss and a picture to let the memory last forever.. But I particularly want this memory to last forever. Aw yeah. *digital pervert* :p ..But seriously, it looks like she’s about to fly away or something. :/

That was about it. Bye.

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