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Glee‘s Jane Lynch will be appearing on an episode of iCarly next season, portraying the role of Sam’s mom. That is no doubt some awesome casting right there. 🙂

I awoke in the morning once again and got online right away, waiting and waiting and waiting to get the word that PlayStation Home was back online after the weekly update. We had some breakfast and watched some morning TV, but soon returned to the forum. Waiting. And while I waited, my dad waited for the mail. Gr.. PlayStation Home came online, but I still couldn’t get on it because he was wasting time on some morning TV.

So on Monday, around the time of the anniversary of Roswell.. I’ve scheduled to rewatch all three seasons of Roswell. Haha. Besides the re-viewings of the new episodes the week following the day they aired, I’ve watched the complete series three times already — The WB, SciFi Channel and DVD. Now I’m unsure if I want to pull out the DVDs to watch, or perhaps watch the entire series via Netflix streaming on PS3.. Eh, I’ll probably watch them all on DVD. :p I have the original sets too (they were later re-released with new covers and thinner packaging due to putting two discs per thin case rather than one).

Eventually, PlayStation Home got online.. and then eventually I got on my PS3. I immediately headed to the Central Plaza, which was decorated just for Canada Day (it will also be similarly decorated for July 4th). As you see, I soon got all the limited time rewards from the cool fireworks minigame. Heh.

After buying the Apartment UFO from the mall, I headed to the Midway space.. and nothing greeted me whatsoever. You were supposed to get a free personal space just for entering, and some icons were supposed to appears on screen. But nothing. The long wait during the update this morning was supposedly due to a last-minute change to the space to change the 100 play tickets for $2 down to 50 play tickets for 99 cents. Perhaps that’s what screwed everything up for some of us. 😡

I then added the UFO to my Log Cabin personal space, and it fit right in. It floats around and abducts miniature cows. lol. So awesome.. After that, I gave up on PlayStation Home for the day.. then watched The Hard Times of RJ Berger (lol, great episode.. liking this show more every week) and Huge (heh, for the first 15 minutes or so I was really wanting to give up on this one and turn it off.. but then at about the halfway point, I finally got inti it.. wow).

I was wondering what took my dad so long. He had been gone for too long when he was only going to the store. Soon, he returned with his groceries. He told me that he had eventually gotten very weak at the store. He couldn’t movie, then he fell. He said he didn’t fall too hard though. The grocery store people let him rest for a while, then just sent him on his way. My dad had felt weak even before the grocery store, but had gone anyway. 😦 Afterward, he felt very hot and turned the air conditioner back on.. While he rested, I brought the rest of the groceries in from the car, as well as checked the mail.

I then got off the PS3 about an hour earlier than usual (only because when logging back into PSN, it gave me an “undergoing maintenance” message.. ugh). I got online to news-gather. I also uploaded all of today’s PlayStation Home pictures. The UFO is quite impressive.. Oh wait, I think I already said that.

We eventually had some supper, and we eventually followed that with Hot in Cleveland (lol, especially Betty White’s last scene) and Downfall (first episode, a bit behind.. very interesting.. but the moment he said “replicas”, I was somewhat disappointed :p). And then I gave the TV back to my dad early and returned to my room. See ya.


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  1. Divine Says:

    I love your wedshow it is awesome

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