Saturday 06.19.2010 — TOMMY: The Power Rangers are BACK IN BUSINESS!

After much talk about the status of the upcoming Black Panther animated series that was supposed to air on BET but has since gone silent, Marvel have finally announced that Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther? (based on the comic story arc of the same name) will be premiering in the form of twelve weekly digital downloads on PlayStation Network, XBOX Live, iTunes & Microsoft Zune beginning June 23rd. Cool. But damnit, I wanna see it for free. :p

I awoke in the morning.. and then pretty much just stayed online all morning because my dad was watching some stupid movie. But eventually, we headed out to the grocery store. I didn’t really get too much though. Upon returning home, I watched the first five episodes of Family Guy Vol 8 (ie the first disc, how convenient.. lol, very good episodes too.. my dad claims he likes the show, but I don’t think he actually does.. he only gets a kick out of the animated characters cursing since he’s from the Looney Tunes generation of cartoons or whatever :/ ).

My dad headed out to a store, completely ignoring that I told him that I wanted to go somewhere too. So not long after he returned, we headed out again. Kmart was a real bitch to me earlier this week, but I went there for their Pepsi products deal. But of course, they didn’t have what I wanted (needs to stock on Mtn Dew Typhoon now that it lost Dewmocracy.. damnit). I did find some cheap 2-liters of my other current favorites though (Mtn Dew Code Red & Dr Pepper Cherry). And I was quite surprised to find that they had Jolly Rancher soda in stock too. I’ve been wanting to get some since I read up on it online a while back. Supposed to taste just like the candy. πŸ™‚

We returned home and I picked out Neighbors From Hell to watch (ugh, Family Guy clone, and not a very good one.. like Family Guy meets Munsters or something, only bad.. I guess TBS wanted something besides three hours of Family Guy though :p). But then my dad’s very unimportant baseball game was starting, so I headed off to my room. And then we had burgers for the 23463457356th time this week for supper. Ugh. -_-

I got online for a while.. and a while became the usual “all night”. Online talk of Jason David Frank led to a picture from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie premiere.. which led to Zordmaker’s website.. which then led to me rereading the early Revised Draft script of the movie. So many great scenes thrown to the cutting room floor over the casting of Dulcea. The script includes Ninjetti training scenes (including one with Dulcea climbing a pole O_O), an extra Tengu battle, Dulcea’s comic relief sidekick Snoggle, more about the Order of Meledan that Zordon & Dulcea were in (they originally captured Ivan Ooze). Haha’s @ the “AIM FOR THE BEAKS” part (it’s Z-Putties all over again). Mariska Hargitay (now most famous for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) filmed a lot of them, then they were cut when the role was recast. I really wish those scenes could have ended up as special features on DVD, but they’ve never surfaced. 😦

And yes, the entry title comes from the script as well. :p ..Well, that’s about it. See ya.


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