media ads jun 20-26 / pac-man animated / today

Click the corresponding retailer for their media ad for the week of June 29th to 26th: Best Buy & Target. I was actually considering a purchase on Green Zone, She’s Out Of My League & Remember Me, but with the Blu-ray prices being so high for them I’ll probably only get one of two now. I was actually most looking forward to this week’s release of Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1: Fire – Collector’s Edition on DVD in order to begin upgrading from my volumes, but it’s nowhere to be found in these ads. 😦 The previous Season 1 box set is still $40 on Amazon, but this new set (with improved cover art & newly-added bonus features) is currently just $26.99.

IGN is reporting that Avi Arad is developing a new animated TV series based on Pac-Man. It features Pac-Man as a high-school student trying to save his world from hostile ghosts with the assistance of his friends and four friendly ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde)… WTF? -_- I’d rather munch pills and listen to repetitive electronic music. *plays Pac-Man*

I stayed up late on PlayStation Home again, after finding that I did in fact have the PS Movie items. Yay. I sure bet a lot of you were waiting on the edge of your seats to find out the conclusion to that one. Yeah right.. So anyway, I hung out in the new Playground space for a while and took some pictures. The fine detail on the newsstand was pretty cool. I got a kick out of one of the newspapers being the infamous Roswell front page. Haha. :p

At about 3AM or so, I finally went to sleep.. I awoke way to soon the next morning (around 6AM or so) and briefly returned to PlayStation Home. But then I watched four more episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (good episodes). But I fell asleep during the last one. Ha.. I awoke again a little while later and watched the final five episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (that’s the one I fell asleep during and the rest.. great finale, haha’s @ the reference to the surprise of Lothor suddenly becoming a badass out of nowhere, and it was a surprise.. Ima take a short break from PR before starting Dino Thunder methinks).

My dad arrived home from dialysis during those episodes. He said it took him longer to get home than usual.. which it did. He looked weak the moment he came in the door this time, and soon went to bed again. 😦 ..After the episodes, I.. returned to PlayStation Home for a bit before moving on to ModNation Racers. Now I’m stuck on the Sinkhole track in career race. the rubberbanding difficulty is really pissing me off now. Just about any time I was able to get into the race, I would be hit and end up back in last place again. That happened quite a bit today. I tried to do the online races instead, but I had problems staying connected to the game’s servers. Ugh.

And so I gave up and returned to PlayStation Home again. As I said on twitter today, “PS Home should’ve known if they made a virtual street corner that girl avatars would show up to populate it in skimpy virtual clothes.” The awesome new Playground space includes a street corner, and it did in fact become populated. It was funny when a guy in an FBI shirt came up and tried to break up the gathering. Haha. :p In order to get around music rights BS, it appears they’ve made some sound-alike songs for the space, which you’ll be able to purchase for your own personal spaces next week in the form of a virtual boombox. Neato.. Check out all 1325 of my Home images so far by clicking here.

My dad awoke and we eventually had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, again there was nothing on. So I spent the night catching up my PlayStation Home picture uploads. I just had to share some of the most recent pictures here.. so I had to prepare and upload a backlog of them that reached back to late April. Ack. But I got that done, then I watched The Soup (lol, especially for the Eminem clips, haha) and The Soup Presents (forgot all about it on Monday, so here it is now). My dad went to bed early, then I eventually returned to my room for the night.

See ya.


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