smallville s9 date / toy story 3 in ps home / day of psn drama

Warner Bros has moved up the release date for the Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season on DVD & Blu-ray by a whole week. Cool! 🙂 Great cover art. I’ll be getting on DVD though, since I already have all the seasons so far on that format (even the older seasons in the book-style packaging.. do that still package those past seasons like that? ugh). Can’t wait to watch this great season again just in time for the final season premiere. 🙂

AlphaZone4 reports that PlayStation Home will soon feature many interesting Toy Story 3 virtual items and even an Andy’s Room personal space. lol, jumping on Andy’s bed looks fun. 🙂 Plus the Buzz Lightyear shirt with wings and flashing lights looks pretty cool..

After I got the previous entry posted, I heard about the possibility of some PlayStation Home items that I acquired through a voucher code earlier that day have been disappearing from people’s accounts. I looked into it and found that I was having the same problem. The transaction history entry was there, but it states that an “error” had occurred. I had been looking forward to getting on Home and checking out these new items all night, so I was quite angry. After all the freezes lately that never seem to end and all the other Home-related errors, I finally decided to stop buying Home items until this crap was resolved.

I was eventually able to sleep.. In the morning, I got back online again. All morning, waiting for another voucher code that may finally give me these items. But I find the problem is partially fixed and the code won’t work for me. The items appear as already “purchased” on PSN and the transaction & services list now includes them.. but they still refuse to appear in Home. Grr. After many PSN-related problems that made me waste a good two hours trying to figure it all out — first I couldn’t log in to PSN, then couldn’t get on Home due to a content download error and had to reinstall just five days after the last reinstall before it worked again and then the items still weren’t there — I finally gave up on all that bullshit for the day and took the PS3 offline for good.. for the day…

Next, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (“Shane’s Karma” is so odd.. first there’s this in Part 1 — Dustin: “Hey Tor, you up for a two-way?” Tori: “Oh yeah!” — and this in Part 2 — Choobo (hit by white frosted cake): “Why do I always have to get it in the face?” Ack, lol.. *drools @ Skyla* ..the two-parters were eh, just don’t like the lighter-on-plot episodes.. “The Wild Wipeout” was great though, of course 🙂 ).

Though the official PlayStation Home forums, I heard of people getting the Move items back, so I decided to go see for myself. Nothing, of course. *sigh* While I was there though, I checked out the impressive new Playground space (modeled after some Brooklyn street back in the 1980s, pretty cool.. they even have matching clothes for purchase) and picked up the free Yakuza 3 tattoo and business suit virtual clothing. After that, supper was ready and it was nearing 6PM, so I shut it off. And then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, again.. there was nothing on.. and so we watched my next Netflix selection — Valentine’s Day. In the end, very nice movie. We both liked it. But early on, I did get somewhat confused while trying to keep all the couples straight. Jessica Biel & Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts & Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner. Those aren’t the couples (unfortunately with that first one :p), but so many similar actor names. Damn. And haha @ the bloopers with the end credits, especially the last one that references Pretty Woman.. a movie that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before really.. Hmm. And that was pretty much it.

Today in the PlayStation Home Mall, I saw a complete idiot running from one scantily-clad girl to another and just telling them they have “nice *** & tits” (some words are censored in text chat), hoping a comment on their virtual selves would get him somewhere. He approached at least three of them and said the exact same thing. And he was quite surprised when someone explained to him that one of those girl avatars he was hitting on was actually a guy. lol. :p I usually never slow down from mainly shopping, playing minigames and collecting virtual rewards to notice things like that. But I hear it happens a lot

Some are reporting getting the Home PS Move items back once they buy something (including free items) from the Mall. Don’t think I checked if I had them after I got those free items today. Hm.. Well, see ya.

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