warner tv dvd press / glee s1v2 dvd / today

First, a bunch of unconfirmed release dates. And now Warner has officially announced a few of them with the reveal of some bonus features — Fringe: The Complete Second Season, Chuck: The Complete Third Season (great cover art) & Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season.

Perhaps due to fan moaning about the complete season release after the previous Volume 1 release, Fox has announced a Glee: Season 1, Volume 2 – Road To Regionals DVD-only set that will also arrive on September 14th. But this set will only contain the nine episodes that complete the season. No special features whatsoever. Haahaa.. Can’t wait to pick up my Season 1 Blu-ray. Hope there’s some good store exclusives too…

I stayed up late last night on PlayStation Home, getting all the limited edition E3 virtual items. The Tron-ish bodysuit is awesome, as are the Matrix-y glasses. Can’t wait to have the full furniture set after these three days either.. After freezing and rebooting a few times, the PS3 realized its file system was corrupted and fixed itself. After this, I was finally able to delete my previous 3GB corrupted Home install. Phew. Really didn’t want to reformat. Eventually, I slept.

I awoke the next morning to find my dad had stayed from dialysis again. Ugh. I then pretty much stayed online all morning due to that. Boring morning TV he watches.. But after most of the news was over, I returned to the living room to find my dad dad fast asleep. So I took over the TV and returned to PlayStation Home for the day’s E3 virtual item. Yesterday’s furniture item was a rug, and today it’s a couch. Looking forward to getting that controller table tomorrow. Yes, it’s shaped like a big PS3 controller with a glass surface on top. lol. :p

Next, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (mostly good episodes here actually, neat.. “All About Beevil” would definitely be my favorite of these.. though Motodrone was pretty cool).. followed by a few hours on ModNation Racers (after much bitching about the rubberbanding difficulty while trying to beat another career level race — something I hear many others are also having a problem with — I finally beat it and unlocked the next track, which end up being just as hard as the last.. and yet, the first Grim Series race I won on the very first try :/ ). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

Since there was nothing on right away in primetime (and due to an event I wanted to get away from), I stayed online for an additional hour.. But after that, we watched America’s Got Talent (not bad), Hot In Cleveland (a brand new sitcom.. on TV Land..? felt like I was watching a classic sitcom due to the cast though – Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick & Betty White 🙂 we both liked it.. hope I can remember to DVR it next week) and The Hard Times of RJ Berger (a bit more goofy than the first episode, but I still liked it.. *jaw drops @ the next week preview*).

And that was about it again. See ya.

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