I awoke in the morning and got online. But I soon watched The Boondocks (lol), Check It Out (eh) and five more episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (“Return of Thunder” is so tiresome, then “Boxing Bopp-A-Roo” didn’t help.. but “Pork Chopped” did, at least a little.. “Oh, I’m sorry. My friends are in the popcorn and I have to save them!” lol, classic :p).

My dad returned home from dialysis, but didn’t watch all that much TV before going off to bed. And I fell asleep briefly too.. I awoke and got online, then went to get the mail in order to get the USB drive out of the mail box. Free Amazon shipping. Yay. So after I got it all set up and ready for my PS3, I got onto ModNation Racers for the rest of the afternoon. I beat another career race or two, then played some online races as well.

My dad awoke and we soon had some supper, but he headed back to bed soon after. :/ I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (eventually.. okay episode). But my dad eventually woke up and we watched The Good Guys (hahaha, very good episode) and Persons Unknown (I actually enjoyed this episode more than last week.. the next week promo said all would be revealed by the end of the season, but the DVD coming in August is titled “Season 1”.. hmmm :p).


[ US Refused Britain’s Offer To Help Clean Up Oil ]
[ NOAA – Oil Plume Is Now Heading To The FL Keys ]
[ Video: BP Death Clouds Already Onshore – Benzene 3400 PPB! ]
[ Oil Blowout May Not Be Stopped Until Christmas ]
[ Proof US Knew In 1979 Corexit Was Dangerous ]
[ What The Despersant Corexit Does To Humans ]
[ Election Official – ‘I’d Testify Obama Not Born In Hawaii’ ]
[ Video: David Cameron’s Slip – Twin Towers ‘Blown Up’
[ What’s Behind All The Disaster Drills? ]
[ Post WWII New World Order Map Revealed ]
[ Scientists Grow Liver Using Stem Cells ]
[ People Get Most Radiation From Medical Scans ]
[ Americans Getting Far Too Much X-Ray Radiation ]
[ More Suffering From ‘Sex While Sleeping Disorder’ – Study ]
[ Girls Now Begin Puberty At Aged 9 ]
[ Morgellons – The Extent Of The Problem ]
] Two UK Whiz Kids Suicide Using Laptops ]
[ Wire-Crawling Robots Could Inspect Power Lines ]
[ NASA Reports Bizarre Jupiter Goings-On ]
[ NASA Ends Plan To Put Man Back On Moon ]


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