Saturday 06.12.2010 — media ads jun 13-19 / nick comedy jun 26 / ninja storm begineth!

Whoops. A day late with this, but here it goes… Click the corresponding retailer to check out their media ad for the week of June 13th to 19th: Best Buy & Target. Another Now CD snuck up on me, I see. I guess I’ll get that, as well as Family Guy & American Dad. The latter two’s prices are a bit high though. Family Guy Volume 8 is $32.99 at both stores, and American Dad Volume 5 is $29.99 at both stores. But Best Buy is offering four Family Guy digital copy episodes with each (blah), as well as saving $10 when buying both together. But Target features an exclusive bonus disc on Family Guy and will give the $10 back when buying both in the form of a gift card. Methinks I want that bonus disc more than some lame digital copies tyvm. :p

Nickelodeon will celebrate the summer season with a night of heat-related premiere episodes on June 26th, including iCarly, Big Time Rush, Victorious & True Jackson VP. Click here for the press release with spoilery plot descriptions. Looking forward to these… I’m already hoping that Power Rangers‘ new episodes don’t become as erratic as these. New episodes for a few weeks, then gone, then back for a few weeks, then gone again etc etc. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched The Hard Times of RJ Berger (omg, an MTV scripted comedy that DOESN”T look like a shitty reality show.. and not that bad IMO) and the latest two episodes of United States of Tara (another season wrapped.. nice ending 🙂 ). My dad awoke and we had some breakfast.

Next, I watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Wow, a bit worse than I remembered actually. After SPD, it made some other seasons look better. :p Though it did finally get a little better during the very last episode of the day, “Thunder Strangers Part 1”. I wonder if they took one look at Sally Martin and decided to have her act like Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. That didn’t seem to last very long past the first episode, but still.. Perhaps I should directly follow Ninja Storm with Dino Thunder to get its bad taste out of my mouth. :p ..With Saban keeping production in New Zealand, I’m hoping they change the way they film it. All the seasons so far there seem to be filmed in PAL, then changed to NTSC later. And the end result is a bit fuzziness or dreariness to the picture. There was even an episode from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive put onto the US DVDs that didn’t even have these changes completed. :/

I got online for a while, then eventually decided to play some more ModNation Racers. All online races today, and a “quick race” to unlock a trophy. :p I finally made it to level 17. Yay.. My dad returned home from some stores and kept bitching about my domination of the TV, saying I was on the game all afternoon. I most definitely wasn’t. I was on there maybe a couple hours, starting at about 3PM or so. :/ I switched it to the Netflix streaming disc and began looking for a movie. But he fell asleep, so I watched an episode of Beavis & Butt-head.. and also fell asleep near the end.

My dad woke me up to get the TV back on, then we soon had some more fast food for supper. I then got online. And that’s pretty much where I stayed all night, even when the power went out for like a few minutes during a thunderstorm. Soo annoying having to reload everything on this computer though. And I must reset clocks because my dad doesn’t know how. :p

Well, see ya.

[ BP Censoring Media & Destroying Evidence ]
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[ BP Official Admits Deep Damage – Game Over ]
[ BP Clean Up Cost Could Total $6 Billion ]
[ Gulf Oil Blowout Flow May Last 30 Years ]
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[ Pentagon Fears Mass Wikileak Secrets Leak ]
[ Pentagon Desperately Seeking Wikileaks Founder / Hero ]
[ Pentagon Hunts WikiLeaks Founder To Gag Site ]
[ OR Republicans Reveal $3.3b In Available CAFR Funds ]
[ Morgellons Victims Across The US And Europe ]


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