v human target chuck fringe dvd dates / today

A slew of upcoming Warner Bros DVD releases got unofficial release dates today. First, V (2009): The Complete First Season will.. invade Blu-ray & DVD shelves on August 24th. Then Human Target: The Complete First Season will hit Blu-ray & DVD on August 31st (nice cover art). Next, Chuck: The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray & DVD has been set for September 7th. Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season has also been set for September 7th. And finally, Fringe: The Complete Second Season will arrive on Blu-ray & DVD on September 14th. And Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season will also arrive on September 14th. Damn, looking forward to picking up almost all of these.. and that’s four straight Tuesdays. Ack. 😐

I awoke in the morning, then.. pretty much stayed online all morning as well. But once my dad took off somewhere, I got onto PlayStation Home. I haven’t gotten on Home as often as I used to. It’s probably due to all the problems it’s having now. The recent update appears to have made some loading times shorter.. but my PS3 is also freezing more often as well. Gr. But I’m a pervy idiot, so I bought today’s new virtual amazonian female costume (after many errors during the purchasing process as well). It’s easily the most revealing outfit to date. So little clothing for $3. *drools*

Eventually, I froze and soon moved on to two more episodes of True Blood: Season 2 (more good episodes, of course.. really didn’t like the Maryanne storyline though.. final three tomorrow). I returned to PlayStation Home and it eventually froze the PS3 again. It’s really annoying when the screen comes up blaming me for turning the PS3 off incorrectly when I had no other choice.. I moved on to ModNation Racers. I worked on some creations, hung out in ModSpot, then played some online races. TommyAF’s Lord Zedd is awesome. I took him out racing today in the new Coffin Kart. Haha’s @ Lord Zedd air surfing on the coffin (the character does stunts automatically when doing a jump).

I shut it off and we soon had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, nothing on again. So we watched my next Netflix selection — this week’s new disc release of From Paris With Love. Ha. Very good movie. We both enjoyed it a lot. A lot of action and even some comedy at times. Good stuff.

And.. that was about it.. Now time to catch up on some links. See ya.

[ ‘BP Lied From Day One – We Could Have Stopped The Oil’ ]
[ Supertankers Could Clean Oil – BP Won’t Listen ]
[ BP ‘Manipulating Search Results’ On Google ]
[ Oil Volcano – Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster ]
[ New Estimates DOUBLE The Oil From The Blowout ]
[ Toxic Gas Concentrations Said Coming From The Blowout ]
[ Gulf Oil Blowout ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With ]
[ Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment ]
[ Scientists Stunned By Size, Density Of Underwater Oil ]
[ Journalist Scuba Dives Gulf – Can Only See Oil ]
[ BP Nightmare Causes FL Swimming Ban ]
[ BP PR Paid Rahm Emmanuel’s Rent For Five Years ]
[ Anger Over Obama Gulf Oil Drilling Ban ]
[ Vatican Official Tied To BP, Goldman Sachs ]
[ Video: Full Speed Ahead On Economic Collapse ]
[ Honolulu Chief Elections Clerk – Obama NOT Born In HI ]
[ Yes, Obama Is ‘Engaged’ ­ In A Colossal Crime ]
[ Obama Announces $400m Aid For Gaza ]
[ Zionist Thieves Stealing, Keeping Gaza Aid ]
[ Eyewitnesses – Israel Violently Attacked All Ships ]
[ Israel ‘Accidentally’ Releases Video Mocking Ship Dead ]
[ Israel Made To Apologize For YouTube Flotilla ‘Spoof’ ]
[ Bodies Of Murdered Disappeared From Flotilla ]
[ Israel Want Huge New Shipment Of US Bombs ]
[ Hacker Turns In US Soldier Over WikiLeaks Video ]
[ Dr Kelly’s ‘Suicide’ – Maybe Some Answers Soon ]
[ Pharma Encouraged WHO To Exaggerate Swine Flu Threat ]
[ Swine Flu And Big Pharma – Why No Scandal? ]
[ Video: Scary – Crops, Trees, Flowers Dying In MS ]
[ Snakes Disappearing At Alarming Rate ]
[ Bumblebees On UK ‘Pollination Rescue’ Mission Die ]
[ NASA, Met Office – Analysis Shows Record Warming ]
[ Video: 10 Minute Complete Expose Of Warming Hoax ]
[ Illuminati’s Biggest Crime Suppressing Tesla Technology ]
[ Earth, Moon ‘120 Million Years Younger Than Thought’ ]
[ Pentagon Is Hacked Six Million Times A Day ]
[ Did Dad Taser Daughter’s Friend Over Nude Photo? ]


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