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The live stream of Licensing Expo 2010 today interviewed Elie Dekel of Saban Brands.. pretty much right after I gave up on it. Damnit. Luckily, Rangerboard member Megasentai recorded and uploaded it to YouTube. You’d think someone would be able to get a better recording than that since the broadcast is still available for viewing. But oh well.. Mr. Dekel revealed that Power Rangers will be airing seven days a week (likely the reruns on Nicktoons). Awesome. And that the new season that begins filming this August for an early 2011 start will now have 40 episodes rather than the previously-reported 20. Awesomer. :p No other details on the new season besides that though, but it was a hoot watching the interviewer pretty much alluding to the fact that the live stream’s chat room was filled with Power Rangers fans. They even recognized the series’ older fans and the upcoming Power Morphicon 2 convention. šŸ™‚

Ron Wasserman has released a new track exclusively to the Rock Band Network on XBOX 360, titled “American Hero”. Plus you can download free MP3 versions of it and “Fight Back” at the link.. Cool. But where’s “Revengers”? šŸ˜¦ ..Oh wait, there it is.. Oh, and there’s some sort of contest happening or something..

Warner Bros have revealed that a Supernatural The Animation project is coming up. Yes, an animated project based on the hit CW series Supernatural. Wow. It’s set to launch in Japan in January 2011…

I awoke in the morning and got online, then watched some Dragon Ball Z Kai. And again, I fell asleep even before the first episode was over. I awoke some hours later and watched what I had missed. Not long after I had started that, my dad returned home from dialysis. Soon, I get online for a little bit.. and a little bit became many hours once my dad decided to watch a local baseball game (Indianapolis Indians.. wish we could go see them again, like the old days). I kept trying to watch the Licensing Expo stream, but I eventually gave up because Firefox kept freezing. Grrr. šŸ˜”

I finally took over the TV once the game was over (after 4PM) and watched two episodes of True Blood: Season 2 (again, good episodes.. Maryanne’s assistant Carl looks a lot like that creepy doctor from Heavy Rain). We had some supper. I was planning to watch a movie tonight, but my dad brought up these country music awards or something. So I got onto ModNation Racers and decided to stay there until his awards started since I got in so little TV time in today.

But instead, my dad went off to bed for a very very long time. And I played ModNation Racers from around 6PM.. to almost 11PM. I played the nearly-impossible to beat career mode track Rift Paradise. You have to win the race to advance. I finally got to the front of the pack and was about to win a couple times.. only to be taken out by AI weapons each time. Gr. Others are complaining about these difficulty level problems on the official forums so I know it’s not just me. I also worked heavily on some of my creations and finally published another set: Blue Arrow and his Blue Blur cart. I may reconfigure and republish the cart later though.. Check out Rangerboard’s ModNation Racers thread to check out some awesome Power Rangers creations for the game, including TommyAF’s awesome Lord Zedd. šŸ™‚

The game’s publisher’s now say they plan to release one Mod & Kart set every two weeks now. First, the Van Man and his Van Kart came out and I wasn’t all that interested in that. But I went ahead and bought the Vampire & Coffin cart released yesterday, You can use the parts for your own creations too. But damned if I can’t find the vampire fang mouth. Damnit. šŸ˜¦ ..As I played, I kept looking up at the time and being surprised by how much time had passed. Time does fly when you’re having fun, I guess.

Check out my online profile. Like the new details blurb? Teehee. Oand I’m already ready for Power Rangers Season 18 next year, as you can see (Blue Shinkenger!).. if I haven’t played it again and changed my avatar since posting this, that is. :p ..My dad finally awoke at about 10:30PM and I got off the game soon thereafter. And then I finally got online to news-gather. :p Well.. see ya..



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