Saturday 06.05.2010 — SSSSSSSS! NO WAY!

The June 2010 issue of License magazine features a two-page article on Saban Brands and their re-acquisition of Power Rangers. Click here to read the article or click here to check out a pretty cool two-page ad for Power Rangers. The most interesting text (and probably most worrying to me) would have to be on page 2: ” Dekel envisions making the show more contemporary and taking it back “to its original DNA, with more charm, humor and campiness that was so much a part of the early seasons that over time got somewhat subdued.” “. 😐

I awoke in the morning to my dad leaving for dialysis, then I got online for a few hours. Next, I sat down to finally watch a couple more episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai (they’re starting to pile up on the DVR).. and fell asleep. I awoke a few hours later and watched the episode that I had fell asleep during, then watched Parenthood as well (good season finale.. barely any cliffhangery-ness at all, nice).

My dad returned home from dialysis and immediately felt all weak. He soon fell asleep while I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (all these rerun reruns are starting to get annoying.. a “new” episode one week, then a rerun, the “new” again, then another rerun.. wish they could’ve aired Green With Evil across five straight weeks.. but it’s finally over.. I rewatched Part 4 along with Part 5.. the most annoying on-screen text for me in Part 5 would definitely be the “SSSSSSSS!” going along the ground with the lightning attack during the final Red vs Green fight :/ ..and of course the classic “No way!” was unaffected.. and now the next “new” episode isn’t until July 17th, argh).

My dad fell asleep and/or just sat on the couch all afternoon.. while I wasted all that time online. He finally awoke at about 4:30PM or so and started acting normal again.. I stayed online and eventually reread all of the classic “Power Rangers Revelations” posts. And then began rereading “Forever Red The Novel” (a rather good fanfic that fleshes out the famous episode of Power Rangers Wild Force).

My dad waited until 9PM to go out and get some fast food for supper, then he proceeded to watch the week’s America’s Got Talent reruns as if he hadn’t see them earlier in the week. And I suppose that was pretty much it. Very uneventful.

Well.. see ya.



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