dvd ads jun 6-12 / today

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Another week, another week of media ads. Click the corresponding retailer for their ads for the week of June 6th to 12th: Best Buy & Target. I’m barely getting anything again this week. I’m in for Christina Aguilera’s new Bionic: Deluxe Edition CD though. Unfortunately, the other release I was interested in this week is not shown in either ad. It’s Shout! Factory’s DVD release of Ghostwriter: Season One. It’s the show that first got me writing, which eventually led to Truth Seekers. I downloaded the entire series a while back already, but it’d be nicer to have an official DVD release. I guess I have to get it online now. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online. But I soon discovered that my dad was still home. I thought that he had finally went to dialysis, but he did not. Ugh.. My dad went off to pay some bills, then I watched an episode of Parenthood (one down, one more to go.. not bad). My dad returned and we watched some morning TV, then he went to bed for a bit while I watched the remaining two episodes of X-Men: Volume 4 (yup, no Vol 5 for now.. moving on to something else).

My dad awoke and we headed out to the grocery store.. for some groceries. We really needed them. My dad claims he hasn’t felt that hungry in the last few days, so he assumed we weren’t hungry either and haven’t been feeding me or the cat very often. šŸ˜¦ At least now I have some things I can actually cook on my own.. My dad got a call from her sister while in the store. He told her that he would go to dialysis tomorrow. I would later check my e-mail and learn that if he doesn’t show up tomorrow, they’ll most likely put him in a facility so that he can get the dialysis treatments he needs. šŸ˜¦

We returned home and I took over the TV right away and played some hours of ModNation Racers. So fun. And I leveled up again. Yay.. And then I checked out PlayStation Home for a bit. FevaArena is nice. But the queue system for the minigame? Argh.. I shut it off right at 6PM and got online to news-gather.

In primetime, there was nothing on once again. So while my dad continued to sleep most of the night, I watched iCarly (lol, not bad.. actually enjoyed the subplot a little more.. liking the cute way in which they link these shows.. Carly’s brother in Victorious and now Tori’s sister on iCarly. haha), Victorious (lol, nice.. now I’m curious to see what items are actually in SkyMall :p ), Big Time Rush (lol, I wants a pocket griller.. a bit surprised @ the celebrity appearance :p ) and The Soup (lol).

My dad woke up at about 9:30 or so and his memories were all messed up. He couldn’t remember some things either. But at least he’s acting more normal otherwise. I made sure to remind him about dialysis many times just in case. He better go to dialysis tomorrow.. See ya.

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