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I stayed up late online playing some ModNation Racers, then soon joined a text chat.. which was when I fell asleep.. I awoke a bit late in the morning and saw some morning TV before I got online for a bit. And then I got ready and we soon headed out to media buy.

After a trip to the bank, we first headed to the library to print up some stuff. I should really invest in a printer, eh? :/ ..My dad appeared really out of it today. He took the wrong route or street THREE times before we finally made it to Target. And just about every time he parked somewhere, he hit the curb. And appeared dangerously close to hitting people and other cars in the street. So I only added $20 onto my prepaid phone at Target. I couldn’t afford to add any funds to it until now, two days after the payment date. But Verizon still emptied my phone of the $15 I had on it anyway. Assholes.

We moved on to Best Buy and I picked up Alice In Wonderland on Blu-ray. The store’s exclusive version of the Blu-ray Combo Pack adds some character cards on the front and another slipcover. Yes, that’s two horizontal slipcovers. Neato. :p And I brought down their astronomical price of $26.99 with a $5 Reward Zone certificate and a $10 gift card. Not bad., I got my icee, then we returned home, I wanted to go to the grocery store for some food, but it was getting way too hot out there.

We returned home and I immediately watched four more episodes of X-Men: Volume 4 (I really lost interest this time.. the Christmas episode to start things off sure didn’t help.. maybe I’ll break after Volume 4 too :/ ) as my dad fell asleep. And then I checked out PlayStation Home (the new FevaArena space is rather cool.. but after Home freezing three times, I gave up on waiting for the minigame today) before playing some more ModNation Racers. All online races today. The career track I’m stuck on is soooo hard. Damnit. Finally got my tag for the game though…


Yup, 43 online races to date and zero wins. *sigh* I swore I won that one the other day, then right after I got disconnected from the game’s servers. That so sucked. I came in 2nd in a race today though.. On the bright side, I finally went ahead and published the Time Force Blue Ranger mod and kart. They aren’t bad, I guess. The kart was all my creation, so it’s lesser than the mod. *lazy* I thought for Ranger fans who better to race as but a real race car driver character. Teehee. :p ..My dad slept and slept, then finally awoke at about 6:30 or so. I let him watch his news at 7PM and got online to news-gather.

It was slowly dawning on me that neither of us has had an actual meal all day today, and I was getting rather hungry. I brought this up with my dad, but he didn’t feel all that hungry. Nonetheless, he offered the option of getting a pizza and so we did. In primetime, once my dad returned with the pizza, we watched my next Netflix selection — Miss March: Unrated. After reviews and the trailer for the film itself, I wasn’t expecting much. But we both enjoyed it. It was pretty funny. It went a little too unbelievable at times (the main one being featured in the trailer), but overall it was alright. I noticed that some lines were dubbed over, so I looked it up online. Apparently, the movie studio chickened out or something and dubbed over the mentions of the word “retard” and “retarded” with other words. The abstinence speech near the start didn’t make as much sense when “retard” was changed to “crackhead”. :/

Anyway.. that was about it.. See ya.

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