I awoke in the morning and got online. My dad returns, claiming that he went to dialysis but the machine clotted up or something, so he had to go home. We watched some morning TV, then he went off somewhere. I watched Glee (very good episode.. finale next week? damn..) and Afro Samurai— er, The Boondocks (hehe.. good episode). My dad returned and he watched some of his news, then we watched America’s Got Freaks— er, Talent (but really, if your going to put all the losers on for most of the show, please tell us first so I can only tune in to the last half hour or so, kthnx).

After that, I didn’t feel like watching X-Men. So I skipped that and went right to ModNation Racers for the rest of the afternoon. I finally won an online race today. But of course, it disconnects from the server or something and is never saved to my online stats. Grr. 😡 ..RaddaRaddaRadda has published some awesome Power Rangers grunts for the game so far, including Putty, Z Putty, Cog, Skug (VR Troopers) and Rin Shi (Jungle Fury). In the current player picture, he even sports an unpublished Z Putty kart. Sweet.. And if you want to be ready for Power Rangers‘ new season in 2011, the Shinkenger have already been created as well. 🙂

My dad went and got some fast food for supper again. I guess he just doesn’t feel like cooking anything.. I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Medium (another one down, one to go.. weird episode too :p) and America’s Got Talent (a few more talented people tonight, not bad..). And that was pretty much it..

See ya.

[ Goldman Sold 44% Of Its BP Stock 3 Weeks Before Blowout ]
[ BP Oil Volcano ‘May Last Until Christmas’ ]
[ Feds Open Criminal Probe Of Gulf Oil Blowout ]
[ BP Blames Fishermen’s Illnesses On ‘Food Poisoning’ ]
[ Coward Obama Won’t Condemn Israeli Massacre ]
[ Joint Congressional Resolution 666 Supporting Israel ]
[ Defiant Israel Readies For Two More Gaza Aid Ships ]
[ Israel Offered To Sell SA Nuclear Weapons! ]
[ Sinclair, Amazon, Barnes & Noble Threatened Over Book ]
[ Murder Suspect Van der Sloot ‘Commits Suicide’ In Peru ]
[ Ten Year World Study Ties Cell Phones To Cancer ]
[ Parrots Struck Down With Mystery Illness ]http://
[ Video Gamer Stabs Rival Player Who Killed Character ]


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