no media yet / today

I awoke in the morning to my dad complaining about the cable being out again. Oh crap. It eventually came back on.. then went off.. then came back on again. My dad felt like wasting his few remaining monies on his phone by calling the cable company, hanging up soon after being put on hold.. then calling again. At first, I even offered my phone which had more money left on it, but he complained about it being low on battery even though there was still enough for the call. So he effectively wasted money on both our phones. *rolls eyes*

After that, I mainly ignored it and finished my Power Rangers post-Zordon era data DVD collection. Somehow, I hadn’t even burned PR RPM yet. Crazy. I have MMPR through PRiS on the english audio German DVDs, so no hurry there.. I got that done, then my dad and I soon headed out to the local Walmart grocery store for a couple things. Once we returned home, the cable was back on (but I already mentioned that). My dad got to watching his boring morning TV reruns, so I got online for a while. And of course, the gawdamn cable went out yet again shortly after 11AM. And about 30 minutes later, it came back on.. for about 3 minutes.. before going out again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My dad soon gave up on it, so I watched four more episodes of X-Men: Volume 4 a bit earlier than usual. And by the time they were done, the cable back. I then proceeded to pretty much waste the entire afternoon playing more ModNation Racers. I’m finding Paradise Rift sooo hard. :/ I played some online races, as well as created a Kart for a Time Force Blue Ranger Mod I downloaded. If you ever need to find Power Rangers Mods & Karts, a good place to start would be my hearted creators page. Just about every one of them has a PR creation published. :p

My dad went to bed for a while, then awoke and got us some fast food for supper. I got off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. And just as I was about done, the cable shut off yet again. And of course it stayed off long past 8PM. Gawdamnit. -_- With nothing better to do, we just sat and waited and waited for it come back on. But after maybe 90 minutes of that, I remembered I still had three episodes of Medium to watch on the DVR, so I watched one. My dad said the plot was too weird and didn’t mind staying tuned. I liked it though. And of course the cable returned perhaps 10 minutes until 10PM, making sure everything was missed tonight. Grr.

*sigh* See ya.

[ BP Oil Volcano – Death And Devastation Just Starting ]
[ BP Clashes With Scientists Over Deep Oil Pollution ]
[ US Military Rejects Call To Take Control Of Oil Spill ]
[ BP Paying Fishermen Up To $3000 A Day! ]
[ Disaster Shaves $23 Billion Off BP Value ]
[ Turkey Erupts In Protest At Israeli Commando Raid On Gaza Aid Ship ]
[ Israel’s Latest Slaughter Of Innocents – Business As Usual ]
[ Turkey Demands US Solidarity Against Israeli Massacre ]
[ Another AID Boat Headed To Gaza ]
[ Zionist US Government – ‘We Believe Israel’ ]
[ Welcome To Obama’s Jewish America ]
[ Does Israel Rule The World? ]
[ Latest Poll – 62% Americans Back Arizona Immigration Law ]
[ Chinese Citizens Hiding 3 Million Babies A Year ]
[ Blood Test Can Spot Cancer Before It Develops ]


One Response to “no media yet / today”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hey… HEY…. Nobody wastes time playing ModNation Racers!

    It’s a great game, but I find that the loading times are far, far too long.

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