Monday 05.31.2010 — wow, it’s a weekend / weekday hybrid!

I awoke in the morning to my dad not going to dialysis. Yesterday, he said he wasn’t going due to the pain in the area where he had his surgery, so I contacted the only person I know who could help — his sister. After that, he said he was going. But of course, he didn’t go. Ugh.. I fell asleep for a few hours, then soon holed myself up in my room for a few more. By then, it was already nearing afternoon. I took over the TV again and watched the first four episodes of X-Men: Volume 4 (I really want to get this series over with, so here we go :p ..I found it difficult to pay attention to it at times, but it was okay).

After that, I got onto ModNation Racers for the rest of the afternoon. I downloaded a bunch of new creations, hung out in ModSpot, and did some races (of course). Some of the races were only to collect tokens though. It was sorta funny going through the tracks all slow, looking for them :p You collect five tokens in each career track and can use them to buy randomly-selected items for your creations. It’s how I got the Cosmo body (that makes your kart resemble a rocket) and Pulse engine (not sure on that name, looks like a glowing purple crystal). Today, I downloaded a Aang mod and its matching Appa kart. I couldn’t believe it when the latter had a beating heart for an engine. Wow. O_O

Click here to check out my ModNation Racers online stats and lame little creations that I’ve published. :p ..I was doing one more race before shutting off the PS3 for the day (and doing reasonably well.. for once) before a power brownout momentarily shut off every damn thing in the house. Ugh. So I got the PS3 back in working order and shut it off, then had to set up the computer all over again. However, I.. haven’t really rebooted the thing in quite a while so it worked somewhat better afterward. Yay? ..I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper.

There was nothing at all on TV tonight, and even moreso because my dad had to watch the Indy 500 Victory Banquet. Yes, nothing more great than watching all the drivers accept their monies. -_- I got online for the rest of the night instead. It gave me the time to finally watch History of Power Rangers: in Space. I got all emotional again, and these were only clips this time. :p This really made me want to watch PRiS again, or at least more Rangers. But there’s no time. I must finish X-Men and watch True Blood: Season 2 before Season 3 starts before I can finally watch.. Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Blargh. But I’m going through the seasons in order, so that’s how it has to be. :/

And that was it for another day.. Say yuh!

[ BP Admits Oil Could Flow For Months (Years?) ]
[ Schlumberger Leaves Rig Just Before Blowout? ]
[ Partial Confirmation Schlumberger Left Before Blowout ]
[ Goldman Reveals It DID Short Gulf Of Mexico ]
[ Video: Gulf Oil ‘Spill’? What A LIE! ]
[ House To Raise Per Barrel Oil Tax 400% – WE Lose ]
[ 72% Guantanamo Detainees Completely Innocent ]
[ 1000s Of UN Vehicles At Hidden FL Air Park In Feb ]
[ Israelis Butcher 10+ On Relief Ship – Say Soldiers Ambushed ]
[ Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists ]
[ Turkey Vents Fury At Israeli Armed Action ]
[ Bungled Israeli Assault Draws World Outrage ]
[ Turkey To Send New Flotilla – Defended By The Turkish Navy ]
[ Makow – Again, Zionists Setting Up Jews For ‘Holocaust’ ]
[ Blacks Call For Extermination Of All SA Whites ]


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