Saturday 05.29.2010 — nothing, literally.. ‘cept the bottom links.

My dad was up at 5AM, so I ended up waking up at 5AM. I got online to finish up the previous entry, then.. eventually fell asleep again. I awoke and got online, then we had some breakfast.. but I eventually fell asleep again. My dad headed off to the pantry to get some free food since we were lacking. He didn’t get all that many good things like usual though. He claimed the guy in charge was drunk and that you could smell it on him. Wow. :p

My dad then went to bed a few times while I watched Party Down (lol, good episode), Gravity (also good) and then Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Blu-ray. Loved it all over again. :p I took a look at the special features (nice), then played Commentary! The Musical as well. Haha. :p

My dad awoke again and I wasn’t really in the mood to watch any other movie right now. And he would just fall asleep anyway, like always. So I just got online.. for pretty much the rest of the day really.. We had a rather lame supper, then I returned online.. And yeah. That’s about it. :/

…See ya?

[ How BP Engineered The Oil Spill ‘Accident’ ]
[ Video: Why Did SWAT Teams Go To ALL Gulf Oil Rigs? ]
[ Video: What BP Doesn’t Want You To See ]
[ BP Used Cheaper Casing To Save Money ]
[ Oil Threatens Eastern US With ‘Total Destruction’ ]
[ Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered ]
[ Fresh Questions About Oil Dispersion Chemicals ]
[ Why BP Refuses To Stop Using Chemical Dispersants ]
[ Video: Corexit Is Killing The Gull – Part 1 & Part 2 ]
[ It Is Raining Oil In Florida ]
[ A Counter Initiative To The Gulf Oil Catastrophe – The Water-Powered Car ]
[ March On DC To Demand Obama’s Birth Certificate ]
[ Washington Insider – Obama Member Of Chicago Gay Man’s Club ]
[ Sinclair Gets Cease & Desist Letter Over Gay Obama Book ]
[ N Korea Warns It Will Respond With ‘All Out War’ ]
[ Nintendo To Investigate Foxconn Deaths ]
[ Bill Gates Funds Secret Vaccine Nanotech ]
[ Spying On The Public Via Cell Phone ]


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