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KryptonSite has scored a scoop in the form of DVD cover art for the upcoming release of Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season. Cover art looks awesome. Cannot wait to own and watch it all over again this fall. 🙂 The official release date has yet to be revealed though.

I awoke pretty early in the morning (before 6AM) and got online to finish the previous entry after prematurely falling asleep again. Damnit.. My dad left early on a visit to the grocery store. I took over the TV and watched the final two episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You (i can name more things that I hate about ABC Family for canceling this and many other shows.. good episodes though, particularly the cheerleader bikini car wash complete with a water fight.. now that’s what I call a great season finale :p).

My dad returned and we watched some morning TV before I returned online. I fell asleep for a little while, then eventually took over the TV again. While I waited for forever for UPS, my dad and I watched Til Death (lol.. series finale.. yet there’s still a few episode left to air :/ ), House (awesome finale.. even it being more interesting than usual didn’t stop my dad from falling asleep.. he sure woke up during that final scene though :p) and The Good Guys (wow, lots of action.. we both really liked it, too bad the wait is a little long before episode 2 😦 ). I then found some on demand stuff to take up my time. But finally, UPS arrived with ModNation Racers a little before 4PM. Argh. As soon as that was over, I headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Target and picked up True Blood: Season 2 with their exclusive Paley Festival Cast Q&A bonus disc. By they time I had gotten there, they had plenty of DVDs, but only one more Blu-ray on the shelf. And no way was I getting that wit h the spider security device attached that really screws up the packaging. Ugh. I wanted it on DVD anyway.

I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray (with Best Buy exclusive mini comic book glued to the back), FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Part One DVD set (yeah I got it.. damnit.. because I’ll most likely not watch it for months, until I have the complete series), and the very last bottle of Tru Blood ($3.99 for a 14oz bottle, phew.. heavy glass one too.. more expensive online.. wanted to get two though, so I could at least drink one.. damn).

I got my icee and we finally returned home. I installed ModNation Racers as he watched his news, then managed to play a little while my dad was making supper. A 3.2GB install. Grrrrr. Had to delete some game data now just to put this in. I had already gotten rid of all the music and video that I had transferred to it. I played one race (the tutorial) then created my first mod.. and got two trophies already. :p Didn’t have enough time to get it online though. Perhaps tomorrow. :/

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. There wasn’t much on tonight, so I stayed online an extra hour, then I watched Glee live for like the first time ever (either torrent or DVR before). Very good episode. My dad didn’t pay attention to it much, then came back near the end and made a big deal about how good singers they were. :p

Well.. that’s about it. I got online early to finish this entry early. Maybe I could get some video gaming time in late tonight.. before I fall asleep in front of it. :p See ya.

[ North Korean Military Told To Prepare For War ]
[ US-S Korea Naval Exercise To Pressure North ]
[ ‘Iran Was Not What We Had Thought’ ]
[ 63% Favor Repeal Of National Health Care Plan ]
[ 24 Miles Of Louisiana Is Destroyed – Everything Is Dead ]
[ White House – Undoubtedly The Worst Oil Disaster Ever For US ]
[ Gulf States Prepare To Seize Control Of Botched Clean Up ]
[ Video: Chemtrails – What In The World Are They Spraying? ]
[ Hubble Discovers Planet Being Consumed By Star ]
[ Satanic Cult Teens ‘Sacrificed’ Victims, Ate Them ]



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