Saturday 05.23.2010 — wait two weeks for GWE4, wait two weeks for GWE5..

I awoke in the morning, briefly got online, then soon had some breakfast. And then I watched Degrassi TNG (good episode), two episodes of The Mentalist (wrapped for the season, yay.. nice end), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol) and Gravity (also good, I suppose). And then I watched this week’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (the Green With Evil 3 rerun before the Green With Evil 4 premiere.. wow, a lot of annoying onscreen “stamps” in GWE4 :/ ..ack @ the balloon at the end: “Tommy Is The Evil Ranger!” >_> ).

My dad found some racing crap to watch while I got online for a while. But then we watched my next Netflix selection — Crazy Heart. I chose it only because my dad likes country music, and the “best actor” award interested me too. But we both ended up luke-warm on the movie. It was okay.. I followed that with Party Down (lol, not bad). And we eventually had some supper.

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (nice finale.. looking forward to this episode in reverse come next season :p), Gossip Girl (crazy finale.. they crammed a lot of story elements into one episode, almost too many, ack :p) and two episodes of Supernatural. The final episodes EVER.. of “this story”. The series’ original creators are leaving, but the show will return next season anyway. Very good episodes here, especially the finale. I learned with my Truth-Seekers stories that an escalating continuing storyline just can’t keep escalating forever. There needs to be an end. And that’s what this was.. I just wish I was able to give my Truth-Seekers the ending that I had planned out for them.

I got back online for a while, then I eventually fell asleep prematurely.. Damnit. 😦



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