2010 upfronts day 5 cw / parents blast shit / glee season 1 dvd & blu / today

Another day, another 2010 fall schedule. But we’ve finally reached the end, the very last one — The CW. As I recently guessed due to rejoining of Smallville & Supernatural in reruns this summer, both shows will stay in those Friday night spots for fall as well. But Allison Mack will not be a part of the whole final season of Smallville. She’ll only be in “several” episodes before her character exits the series. *doesn’t bring up the possible spoilers that episode 100 had a huge death, and that episode 200 is the fifth episode in Season 10* ..Oops..

The Vampire Diaries will now be joined by the new show Nikita on Thursday. And that America’s Next Top Model garbage will be followed by Hellcats on Wednesday. Monday will feature 90210 and Gossip Girl, while One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected will be paired on Tuesday. Cannot wait to see more Life. There’s some people from Roswell working on it (both in front of and behind the camera). 🙂 For some videos of the new CW series, just click here. Images too? Okay. :p

This sure was quick. CBS has picked up $#*! My Dad Says as you may know and it’s already being threatened by a parents group. Over-sensitive pricks. :p

Fox has finally announced what we’ve pretty much expected for a long while now… Glee: The Complete First Season has been announced for four-disc Blu-ray and seven-disc DVD releases on September 14th. Awesome. So glad I waited. And for those that didn’t, you can still get a $10 “gleebate”. Ha. I’m curious and impressed over the drastic difference in disc counts. But not so much of the latter for the five-minute difference in runtime between the two. *shrug* Dollhouse: Season 1 had it too though..

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. :/ And the n watched some of the usual morning TV. My dad then saw some news before heading out to some stores. I got onto PlayStation Home and started collecting the new free items from Irem Beach. You have to stay in the space and collect them every 10-15 minutes or so. And s=o while I waited, I watched two episodes of CSI NY (last week’s & last night’s episode).

The latter episode was was particularly interesting.. and aggravating. Interesting because they pretty much steal the classic “Rear Window” story. And aggravating because they brought up this professor that had been fired, and how he talks about conspiracies all the time including “water fluoridation”, “chemtrails” & “tsunami bombs” (wtf is with that last one? bs). The CSI guy described doing so as “Unamaerican”… Oh yes, questioning your government’s acts is VERY unamerican. America, the land of the free.. to only do and say what your government tells you. *rolls eyes* May just stop watching this one after this season..

I followed that with American Dad (yeah, I feel asleep near the end like three times.. watched it all the way through this time :p), 10 Things I Hate About You (lol.. I’m gonna miss this one), Chuck (wow, good episode.. two hour finale next week!) and United States of Tara (aw, the daughter’s naughty stuff is over.. without getting all that naughty.. damn 😦 ). And in Home, I barely got half the items. Damn. :/

My dad was feeling pretty bad lately. He mentioned that he may not go to dialysis tomorrow.. for the second time in a row. Ugh. I told him he should go, but he didn’t seem very convinced. And for a while, his back’s been hurting him. But he went ahead and started making supper anyway. But the pain eventually got so bad that he had to sit down. And in the end, his supper was ruined. But that’s no big deal. Right now, I just hope he goes to dialysis tomorrow. *sigh* 😦

I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Community (“Team Britta!” “Team Slater!” “Bring Conan back!” lol, that was great), Parks & Recreation (what a fitting finale, especially when I know this show won’t be back right away in the fall 😦 ), The Office (lol wow, some episode.. and that ending!), 30 Rock (lol, more Matt Damon next season plz) and The Marriage Ref (lol).

My dad a hard time watching. I’m now pretty sure his back problems have to do with the couch. He saw it out at the dumpster a long time ago and switched it right away.. before he realized there’s a section that dips down lower in the seat. And it was too late to get the other one back. My dad used to sit in the recliner. But when my legs starting to get bad, I started sitting there more. And now he refuses to sit in it at all. :/

Oh and about my legs. The temporary wraps that were meant to be washed and put back on got all stretched out after just one washing and no longer stay up or stop any future swelling. I think they may be swelling already. But again, my dad refuses to go back to the hospital just because we owe them a bunch of money that we can’t possibly pay. He’s considering fixing it with store-brought stuff. I really don’t think that’s possible. -_-

Anyway.. see ya.

[ War Threat Over N Korea Destruction Of Warship ]
[ N Korea Slams Reports It Sank Ship ]
[ N Korea Condemned By World Powers For Attack ]
[ Senate Defined ‘Natural Born’ – Obama Doesn’t Qualify ]
[ Judge Forgives Obama Aunt’s Felonies, Grants Asylum ]
[ Claims That Teacher ‘Taught How To Shoot Obama’ ]
[ White House Covers Up Giant, Menacing Oil Blob ]
[ Scientists Accuse Obama Of Blowout Negligence ]
[ BP Still Insists Oil ‘Spill’ Impact ‘Very Modest’ ]
[ Gulf Of Mexico Won’t Stop Shell Drilling In Alaska ]
[ How To Rid The Sea Of An Ocean Of Plastic ]
[ US Has 71 MILLION Unused Flu Vaccine Doses ]
[ Did US Army Help Spread Morgellons & Other Diseases? ]
[ Ocean Floor Rising By 13 Feet A Day In Australia ]
[ Aliens Took NASA Voyager 2 Spacecraft Says Expert ]
[ Hacker Gary McKinnon Extradition Put On Hold ]



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