2010 upfronts day 4 cbs / tbs conan & tnt fallen skies / smallville ends at s10 / today

It’s time for another fall 2010 schedule.. and this time, it’s CBS. As you may have seen yesterday, they’ve canceled a lot of shows mercilessly. And now this new schedule has a lot of merciless show shuffling as well. Ugh. The Big Bang Theory will be replaced by Chuck Lorre’s new comedy Mike & Molly on Mondays, with Bang moving to Thursdays at 8PM (opposite NBC’s Community) and will be followed by $#*! My Dad Says (based on the twitter account of the same name, except with the word “shit” instead). CSI Miami will be thrown to Sundays at 10PM in order to premiere the Hawaii Five-O remake Mondays at 10PM (starring Grace Park as a surfer girl, hawt.. oh, and Taryn Manning’s in it too!). Medium will move up an hour to Fridays 8PM, and will now be followed by CSI NY. Crazy $#*!. :/

Turner Broadcasting has also issued a press release about shows coming to TBS and TNT this coming season. TNT will be bringing back Leverage and Men of A Certain Age later this year. That’s nice, but I’m more interested in a couple new series. Conan O’Brien’s new late night show on TBS (still untitled, it seems) will begin on November 8th. And not much else is known about that at this time. TNT will have a much-anticipated epic alien invasion drama series from Steven Spielberg in Summer 2011, titled Fallen Skies. It will star Noah Wylie.. and Moon Bloodgood! Looking forward to that the most. 🙂

Sources have confirmed that the tenth season of Smallville (beginning this fall) will be the hit TV series’ last. Let’s hope the show goes out awesome. But then again, these seasons almost always do. :p The CW will announce their 2010-2011 fall schedule tomorrow.. Meanwhile, believe it or not, MTV has picked up a TV series based on the classic movie Teen Wolf. Ha. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online. And then I watched Glee (yup, I admit it.. I couldn’t wait any longer :p ..good episode). My dad soon awoke and we watched some morning TV, including Ellen. And then I got online again.. for pretty much the rest of the morning..

After my dad got done with his “news”, he headed out on some errands. I then spent some more time on the ModNation Racers demo. You can create and save Mods and Karts here, but you can’t use them for the demo’s race. :/ And it appears they aren’t even saved in the game save folder yet. And since I’m low on PS3 space (like always), I’ll end up deleting the demo before being able to install the full game and will have to build my creations all over again. Damn. 😦

After that, I moved on to GTA Ballad of Gay Tony (definitely having a lot more fun with this one.. I particularly like the new “Booty Call” pasttime.. it’s like what “Friends” was in GTA IV.. but you only go straight up to the chick’s apartment once you get a text from them.. and that’s after dancing with them at a club and sexing them up in the ladies’ restroom 😉 ..I need to find out where the base jumping location is next). I pretty much played it all the way up until after 6PM. My dad woke up at that point, so I let him watch more of his “news”.

I got online to news-gather, and we eventually had some supper (he seems to prepare whatever’s in eyesight now.. if something is away in a cupboard, it might as well not exist at all.. same supper two days in the row..).. In primetime, we watched The Middle (lol, nice bookend to the season by bringing up plot from the pilot again), Modern Family (lol.. another nice bookend, though I correctly guessed what would happen at their photo shoot :p), Cougar Town (lol.. still don’t like them being together.. even though it was obvious it would happen from the very first episode :/) and Primetime: What Would You Do? (new tonight, odd..).

And.. see ya..



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