2010 upfronts day 2 fox / the hub series / today

FOX has issued a press release revealing their fall 2010 schedule.. and of course the show I’m most interested in will be held until mid-season — the Steven Spielberg executive produced drama Terra Nova, in which a family from the year 2149 travel back in time to prehistoric Earth in order to help save mankind. Monday has House followed by Lonestar, a new primetime soap set in the oil industry (perhaps I won’t have to wait too long for Terra Nova after all :p). Glee moves up to 8PM on Tuesday, and will air a special episode after Super Bowl XLV on February 6th. Two new sitcoms, Raising Hope & Running Wilde, will follow at 9PM. Thursday sees the return of the Bones & Fringe pairing. For Friday, Human Target will be followed by The Good Guys. I love Human Target and Good Guys is looking.. well, good. I just hope that these shows won’t suffer from FOX’s Friday night curse and are canceled. 😦 Sunday nights will stay the same…

But in mid-season, Glee will return to Wednesdays at 9PM, following a shortened American Idiot results show. The Good Guys will be replaced by a reality show, and the Sunday schedule will get an overhaul to fit in a new animated series Bob’s Burgers that is NOT from Seth MacFarlane. Wow. :p Simply click here to check out trailers for all the new series.. not including Terra Nova. Damnit. 😦

Discovery & Hasbro’s new channel The Hub has also announced more new series for the fall. If you have Discovery Kids on your cable line-up right now, that’s where this network will be come October 10th. Six new series and seven US premiere series are set to air on the network at launch, including G.I. Joe Renegades, Pound Puppies (lol), Family Game Night (game show, duh), R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (interesting..) and of course Transformers Prime. The new series will feature Peter Cullen (sweet!) and will have screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as its showrunners. The duo is probably most recently known as being producers and writers for Fringe. Wow.

I awoke early in the morning and got online. But as I was getting ready to watch some stuff.. I fell asleep again. Grrrr. And when I awoke, it was already after 11AM. 😡 ..Not long after I awoke, my dad returned home from dialysis feeling bad once again. We watched some Ellen before I got online for a bit. He soon went to bed…

Eventually, I watched Check It Out with Dr Steve Brule (haha.. was a bit surprised by Power Rangers‘ Robert Axelrod’s brief appearance though, heh), The Boondocks (lol) and The Vampire Diaries (wow, pretty good season finale.. impressive.. haha @ the cliffhanger :p). And then I played some GTA Ballad of Gay Tony (this one’s definitely a lot more funner than Lost And Damned.. and I like the audio track at the loading screen 🙂 ).

My dad awoke from his nap, got some fast food for supper.. then eventually went to bed again. But before that, we watched Castle (good episode). And then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, another very good episode), Rules of Engagement (lol), Two & A Half Men (rofl), The Big Bang Theory (lol, finally some answers.. my dad finds Sheldon annoying, but I think he’s one of my favorite characters on TV right now) and CSI Miami (actually watched.. most of it.. good episode).

And not long after that ended, my dad returned to bed. He keeps complaining about pains that will not go away on dialysis days. *sigh* ..see ya..

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