Sunday 05.16.2010 — 2010 upfronts day 1 nbc

Possibly in order to get ahead of all the other networks (particularly FOX’s upfront presentation tomorrow), NBC has revealed their 2010-2011 TV schedule today. Click here to check out video clips from the new series, including The Cape & The Event.. Chuck will continue to hold the Monday 8PM timeslot (in the fall, not mid-season!), while new series The Event follows (a global conspiracy? I’m in!). Jerry Bruckheimer’s Chase will then follow that at 10PM. I didn’t expect Parenthood to return, but there it is at Tuesday 10PM. :p Undercovers, a new spy drama series, will be followed by the two Law & Orders on Wednesday. For Thursday, Parks & Recreation will be held until mid-season (boooo) while 30 Rock takes its timeslot and Outsourced debuts at 9:30PM. Love Bites will follow at 10PM. What about The Cape? It’s being held for mid-season as well, along with Friends With Benefits which will now be Fran Kranz-less. Damnit. 😦 ..NBC had planned to do another night of comedy, but has now changed their minds, hence Benefits and three other sitcoms sitting on the shelf for mid-season. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online (briefly). And then I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (wow, very good episode.. I doubt this series is worth getting on Blu, right? probably won’t be much of an upgrade in quality.. Best Buy’s site claims there’s a $15 difference, so I’ll probably just get the DVD next week), Doctor Who (pretty cool episode), Fringe (finale part 1 of 2.. really should have aired them both in one night :/ ..very good start though) and The Vampire Diaries (another one down, one to go.. good episode).

Once my dad’s NASCAR race was getting started, I returned to my room and got online.. even though he had a very difficult time staying awake. 😦 ..I then watched Bones (wow, very good episode.. and still one left? I hope the finale can top it :p ) and two episodes of Supernatural (two down, two to go here.. good episodes, especially the latter.. heard some interesting things about the finale already.. damnit).

We had some supper, then I got back online for a bit.. In primetime, we watched Til Death (lol), some Funniest Videos, Minute To Win It (Wednesday’s episode.. with the Jonas brother that has a wife that looks just a bit too old for him.. *shrug*), Desperate Housewives (great finale.. easily to see the resolution to the nurse plotline though.. or perhaps not now that I think about it.. hmm.. and of course they pull another “OMG” cliffhanger out of nowhere :p), Family Guy (lol) and American Dad (the alien stuff was great, lol).

…See ya…



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