Saturday 05.15.2010 —

I awoke and got online (of course), then soon watched Party Down (lol, another great episode), two episodes of Parenthood (caught up with this one finally.. good show), The Ricky Gervais Show (lol) and Degrassi TNG (good episode). I checked to make sure than MMPR Reversioned was still airing today (it was), then my dad and I eventually watched my next Netflix selection — The Invention of Lying. As with any movie that’s not “real”, my dad thought it was the weirdest movie he had ever seen. >_> And then he especially lost interest when the religion aspects came up in the film.. and eventually fell asleep. He’s religious, so he left the room when the “god is a lie” part of the film came up.. I enjoyed it quite a bit however. Great film. Another to add to my Blu-ray buy list, definitely. 🙂

After that, I chose to watch two more episodes of The Vampire Diaries (so yeah, now I need to catch up on this.. pretty good episodes, actually 🙂 ..two more to go) before I returned to my room for a while. My dad slept until 7PM.. then we didn’t have supper until after 8PM. He’s becoming more and more sleepy and forgetful all the time. 😦

I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (haha, good episode.. the end to the subplot surprised me.. now I just need to watch the previous episode.. and this week’s finale..) and two episodes of Gossip Girl (wow, some nice cleavages in the latter episode.. yum.. oh, and the stories are pretty good too :p ..only one episode left 😦 ). And.. then that was about it.. again.. See ya.

Now, commence the links! Push the button, Frank!

[ Zionists Prepare To Restrict US Freedom ]
[ Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran ]
[ Is Times Square Terrorist More Field-Based Warfare? ]
[ The Trial Of President Obama – Part 1 ]
[ Day One Of Pastor Manning’s Trial Of Obama ]
[ Obama Using Suspicious Soc Sec Number ]
[ 20+ States Suing Obama On ‘Health Care’ ]
[ Feigned Space Invasion – Recalling ‘Blue Beam’ ]
[ Firms Ignored Warning Signs Before Oil Rig Blast ]
[ BP, Transocean, Halliburton Had Warnings ]
[ Giant Oil Plume BELOW Visible Surface Slick ]
[ Oil Is Absorbing Oxygen From Gulf Water ]
[ BP Oil Cleanup Costs Up To $33 Million A Day ]
[ Obama To ‘Punish’ BP With Tax – Disaster Worsens ]
[ Video: Two US Farmers Solve Gulf Oil Clean Up Crisis ]
[ Hay Used On 1969 Santa Barbara Spill ]
[ All West Coast Senators Propose Offshore Drilling Ban ]
[ Rigging The Markets – How They Do It ]
[ Afghan Protester Shot Dead Protesting NATO Murders ]
[ Google Street View Cars ‘Accidentally’ Got WiFi Data ]
[ Feds Tell Court They Can Decide What You Eat ]
[ Kagan Favors Mass TV, Press, Internet Censorship ]
[ Police To Give Drug Addicts Clean Needle Kits ]
[ Americans Prefer AZ Immigration Policy Over Obama’s ]
[ Overwhelming Majority In US Back AZ Immigration Law ]
[ LA ‘Officially’ Boycotts AZ Over Immigration Law ]
[ Makow – Boycott The People Boycotting Arizona ]
[ AZ Bans Lessons That Promote US Overthrow ]
[ Climate Change Could Make Half The World Uninhabitable ]
[ May Snow And Frost Bring Winter Chill To UK ]
[ Did The Soy I Ate Contribute To My Breast Cancer? ]
[ FDA Says Vaccine With Pig Virus DNA OK For Humans! ]
[ Out Of Control US TV Satellite Threatens Cable Service ]
[ Man Passes Driving Test With Mind-Controlled Robot Arm ]


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