no media / today

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then I watched The Boondocks (lol), The Simpsons (lol), The Cleveland Show (lol) and The Troop (the episode I missed reaired on TeenNick recently, yay.. good episode too). My dad finally awoke a little after 11AM. Watched some Ellen, then I got online again.

In the afternoon, we watched Mercy (another good episode.. better pick this up, NBC).. before heading out to a few stores for some things. Soon, I returned home and watched four more episodes of X-Men Volume 3 (Dark Phoenix 1-4.. like this more than the original saga, somewhat.. Part 3 was especially nice). And then I played some more GTA Ballad of Gay Tony (only had an hour though, so I didn’t get all that much done at all 😦 ).

I got online to news-gather, then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched House (good episode, enjoyed the change from the norm), Lost (another great episode, especially liked the connection all the way back to Season 1, wow.. three and a half hours remain 😦 ) and V (very good episode here too, liking where it’s going.. still miss Britt Irvin though, she was only in like the first two episodes or so 😦 ).

And.. see ya.

[ Oil Rig Workers Forced To Sign Papers Not To Talk ]
[ ABC News Refused Entry To Oil Disaster Command Center ]
[ BP Disaster Will Hit Oil Production For Decades ]
[ Oil Firms Blame Each Other For Oil Disaster ]
[ White House To Use Oil Disaster To Hustle Climate Bill ]
[ Financial ‘Reform’ Will Guarantee More Stealing ]
[ The Lesbian Bankster Tool – Elena Kagan ]
[ NHS Survey Asks – How ‘Cool’ Was Hitler? ]
[ Communism May Be Dead In USSR, But Alive & Well In US ]
[ Video: Simple Pot Bust – Communist US SWAT Team Horror ]
[ WHO Planning Worldwide Internet Tax! ]
[ 75% Brits Want To Leave – Australia Top Choice ]
[ Photo-Shopped Polar Bear Image To Push Warming ]
[ 100% Unverifiable e-Voting Set For PA, KY, Others ]
[ 10 Hour Days Can Be Hard On The Heart ]
[ Pediatrician Protected By ‘Law’ Rapes Over 100 Girls ]
[ Grand Jury Indicts Pediatrician On 471 Sex Counts ]
[ Pedophile Doctors Not New, Not Rare ]


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