I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, before watching four more episodes of X-Men Volume 2 (I pull back the bitching I once said about the whole Phoenix thing being too in the background in X-Men: The Last Stand now that I see it’s pretty much the same here.. movie still sucked though, and I didn’t really enjoy these as much as the previous episodes). My dad returned home from dialysis early due to a defecting machine or something. We eventually watched Ellen.

Actually, I didn’t see it at all. I got online for a few hours instead. And the mail arrived with my HDMI cable. Yay. And upon trying to install it, I realized I needed a DVI adapter for the TV. Damnit. So I ordered that ASAP. And another week of waiting begins. I’m waiting until I have it installed before watching the Avatar Blu-ray.. I watched four more episodes of X-Men (the last episode of Vol 2 and three more from Vol 3.. didn’t really like most of them all too much either.. I liked “Obsession” though.. hope I start liking these again or I’m going to take a break mid-series).

Once that was done, I started playing Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Yes, it’s definitely more fun than Lost And Damned so far. And I haven’t even gotten around to the base jumping yet. Dance well with a girl at a club and she’ll have sex with you in a ladies’ room stall. It’s like a lot tamer version of Hot Coffee. Awesome. :p ..We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, definitely a favorite episode of this season.. nice), Rules of Engagement (aw, the guy who’s mean to everyone is lonely :/ ), Two & A Half Men (lol, good episode), The Big Bang Theory (lol, also rather good) and CSI Miami (the daughter was cute.. but again.. I usually think that.. >_> ).

And that was about it. See ya.

[ Obama – Internet-Smart Sheep Threaten ‘Democracy’ ]
[ Video: Bloggers Are Today’s Intel ‘Minutemen’ – Ex CIA Analyst ]
[ Using Alleged Terror To Increase Civilian Repression ]
[ Times Square Suspect Tells Of Dry Run For Attack ]
[ Video: Rothschilds Control Half The World’s Wealth ]
[ ‘Smart Dust’ Aims To Monitor EVERYTHING ]
[ Video: Polish Plane Crash: Digitally Enhanced – Survivors Executed ]
[ Oil Industry Writes Own Offshore Drilling Rules ]
[ BP Oil Disaster Fight Plagued By Methane Hydrates ]
[ Iran – The innocent victim Of US/UK/NATO Aggression ]
[ Is The USA Really Bankrupt? ]
[ Dead Doctors Still Making Millions From Medicare ]
[ Feds Again Push Poison HBV Vaccine ]
[ Whatever Happened To That Big Hole In The Ozone Layer? ]
[ Scientists Find Sunken Islands In Caribbean ]
[ British Settlers Came To US Before Pilgrim Fathers ]
[ Meteorites From Mars Contain Ancient Fossils ]
[ The Road To Area 51 – Five Former Insiders Speak Out ]


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