Saturday 05.08.2010 & Sunday 05.09.2010 — S L I C E !

I awoke in the morning and got online, then soon watched four more episodes of X-Men Volume 2 (Mojovision, haha.. noticed a little while back but forgot to mention: why remove the Saban logo at the very end of these Season 2 episodes? they remove it from something good like this, but keep it for MMPR Reversioned? I’m starting to sense a trend..), followed by The Ricky Gervais Show (hahaha), Degrassi TNG (ha, nice episode) and another Parenthood (eh).

I got online for a bit once my dad took off somewhere, then I soon watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Reversioned (“Green With Evil Part III”.. best described on my Twitter: “Ah, the momentarily blue smog filled skies of Angel Grove. Time for a picnic with putties. But first… MMPR Dance Off! wootWOOT! >_>”), eventually followed by Fringe (wow, good episode.. looking forward to the two-part finale starting next week) and Castle (it was alright, hehe).

Next, we watched my next Netflix selection — Gran Torino. Great movie. We both really liked it. Even though my dad fell asleep a few times. I may look for a purchase of this on Blu-ray someday.. I got online, then we had some supper. Then I was pretty much online all night long. :/ I took a break from that.. and fell asleep watching SNL. Hate when that happens. 😦

I awoke the next morning and online, then watched four more episodes of X-Men Volume 2 (ah, the end of Season 2, nice.. as was the start of Season 3.. tomorrow: The Phoenix Saga! ..1-4.. of 5..). I then followed that with iCarly (haha @ mentioning “jumping the shark” in an episode that appears to be doing so.. does that still count? ..probably :p), Big Time Rush (lol), Victorious (lol, saw that ending coming though :p), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (good episode.. but this’ll be the last one on the Part 1 DVD / Blu in a couple weeks? With that ending? Argh! :p), Doctor Who (wow, very good episode πŸ™‚ ..looking forward to next week already) and Party Down (an orgy, woohoo! lol, hilarious episode).

My dad particularly enjoyed the latter. Then he watched a local baseball game as I got online for a little while. Er, um.. all afternoon. Damnit. I also watched the latest installment of History of Power Rangers — Turbo! Wow, he got mad there. lol. And it sounds like he still can’t pronounce actors’ name correctly. I’m pretty sure Thuy is actually pronounced “Tree” and I thought Yost wasn’t “Yahst”. And now “Cardaynus”. But that’s just minor crap I shouldn’t be bringing up. Good series. Looking forward to Space next. Heh.

I got into watching some syndicated sitcom reruns with my dad.. then eventually had some supper. In primetime, we watched Til Death (lol, more of the “living in a sitcom” subplot.. really liking that, especially about mentioning the disappeared Woodcocks and recasting the daughter on the show five times :p), Minute To Win It (“Last Man Standing” made things a little more interesting.. don’t know if I want to tune in on Wednesday for the Jonas Brother on the show though), Desperate Housewives (wow, very good episode this week.. and next week’s season finale looks even better πŸ™‚ ), Family Guy (rofl *vomits for ten minutes*) and American Dad (lol, these are really starting to push the envelope a bit, huh? with last Family Guy and now this :p).

My cat sometimes does something neat and annoying. My dad sometimes leaves the bathroom door open when he’s getting ready for bad, so during these times my cat gets to watch him urinate and wash his face. Ugh. And then the cat later does what he saw him do — he wipes his face on a nearby rag and.. urinates on the bathroom counter. :/ I still find the rag on the floor at night sometimes.. like tonight.. He also sometimes runs up to the window to look outside when my dad does the same thing. They’re both so nosy. :p See ya.


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